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Hilarion – December 23 – 30, 2012


HilarionAnd so we now come into the new Golden age. We welcome you with great jubilation! The energies are still very intense and will continue in their activating activities. Every living being on Earth is being activated and attuned to the higher dimensional frequencies and this work will continue until each being is fully awakened in the new Light. It is your task individually and collectively, those who are already awake, to continue to shine your Light and help those around you as the need arises and is seen. You of the Light now hold an even more important position than before. You now begin to wield your Light into manifesting your vision for a better World in more powerful ways, because you yourselves are more powerful.You have come into this World to be OF this World. It is the embodiment in the human form that you have personally transformed into your greater form,  that was and still is required of each of you. As we move into the new year, each of you will be moving into the next steps of your personal destiny and will continue to come together in groups during various times to effect greater positive change in this World. The power of the many acting as One can produce many miracles and this will become more noticeable upon the planet.You will begin to gradually feel the heaviness of the lower dimensional energies lift from within your Beings and will find yourselves feeling happy and joyful in the most mundane tasks. As you practice mindful focus with all the senses of your higher self, you will begin to discover the previously unseen world that has always been around you. Some of you are already noticing clearer and brighter colors as you move about your area of the world. The sunshine seems whiter and brighter. Become observant of the world around you as you go about your daily routine, awaken your new senses through practice.Your combined efforts of Light work in the past year especially has enabled all upon this planet to safely move forward into the new galactic cycle now dawning on the new horizon for your planet and all her inhabitants. You have been and still are, very needed, to be grounded into the Earth acting as conduits for these more refined energies now flowing into your atmosphere. This will now become a much easier and more natural way of life because there will be a lessening of the energies of polarity and life on Earth in general will feel more filled with ease and grace.As the old paradigm continues to disintegrate and the old ways of doing business on this planet are no longer being supported by the new energy, a new tone of harmony, peace and cooperation will be seen in all people upon the Earth and this in turn will effect great and beneficent changes in all areas of life upon this planet. For now, we counsel, rest and relax with your loved ones and enjoy the rising energies. Laugh often and enjoy the closeness with those whom you love as you celebrate life!  We are with you always.Until next week…I AM Hilarion©2012 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of GracePermission is given to share this message as long as the message is posted in its entirety and nothing has been changed, or altered in any way and Scribe’s credit, copyright and website is included.   http://www.therainbowscribe.comThank you for including the above website link when posting this message.

via Hilarion – December 23 – 30, 2012.

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Killer Chemtrails and Poison Rains to thin Population


chemtrail conspiracy theory

Killer Chemtrails and Poison Rains to thin Population.

Chemtrails again!  If you notice those clouds staying in a straight line for LONG periods of time, these are chemtrails.  Trails of chemicals out of planes that pollute our air in order to pass disease or control the weather.  The above link does well to help you identify these clouds in your perspective areas.

LOVE, Light, and Good health despite the desire of the elite to the contrary!

Truly a time of great joy is approaching



I concur, NOW AL we need to do is stay true to ourselves, as well as those around us. We cannot let FEAR dictate our behavior and remember, we are ALL One! LOVE and Light!

Originally posted on Johnsmallman's Blog:

As time rolls rapidly onwards in the illusion many events of enormous significance continue to occur all over the world as the changes that are essential for your well-being are put into effect.  The non-mainstream media news channels are giving you brief, uplifting glimpses of what is going on, but when the true nature and extent of what is happening becomes widely known, your delight and amazement will inspire you with unbounded happiness.

The process of humanity’s long-sought and hoped-for awakening is proceeding apace as the realization dawns on more and more of you that loving kindness, gentleness, and compassion are the attributes that will allow and enable resolution of problems and disagreements far more effectively, appropriately, and satisfactorily than the resolute inflexibility, disdain, and righteousness that have been the favored methods of negotiation for so long.  It has been shown conclusively, time after time, that agreements made in anger…

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MELCHIZEDEK 2011 – The Rainbow Scribe


MELCHIZEDEK 2011 – The Rainbow Scribe.


LOVE and Light Dear fellow Light Bearers, the time of change is upon us. May ALL your visions become a reality, and may LOVE fill your every moment.

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Keep the LOVE Light shining, it is a TRULY amazing time in our Spiritual development . . . . even those times of hardship, consider this a time of growth and strength.  Everything we do and will do has prepared us for that which is to come next, and Humanity will prevail in the end.  Thanks for ALL you do and ALL you are.

Much LOVE to ALL my readers and keep the Flame of truth burning . . . .



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An Alchemical Thanksgiving Reflection

The First Thanksgiving, painted by Jean Leon G...

First THANKsgiving . . . <3

There is an abundance of things to be THANKful for this year, and let me begin by saying, I AM Thankful to be ALIVE!  Genuinely ecstatic with JOY at the fact that I AM still here after ALL the years of uncertainty due to a constant battle with Chrone’s Disease.

I AM THANKful for my children.  they have ALL grown up so beautifully, and though have stumbled along their way, I AM thankful to have played a part in their lives.  Anthony; my special boy . . . the first to call me MoMMy.  He entered my life in a time when I believed the doctor’s theory that I would NEVER have children of my own.  A big eyed, beautiful boy thought differently, and a bond was formed throughout eternity.  Gage, determined to be born, brought LIGHT into the world of so many everyday he has been alive, as well as the JOY he has brought to me.  Calyn, quickly arrived next, fragile yet strong in reserve, she brought LOVE and completed our family circle of five.

I could say so much more on the reasons I AM thankful for my children; some just cannot be put into words.  No matter how tough times may have gotten, or how dark they may have seemed.  Looking back I feel it is the Light of our LOVE that brought us through, stronger on the other-side.

I AM THANKful for my Ohana, as they complete the circle.  They are the Fuel that drives my Spirit to spectacular heights.  We have transmuted MUCH Karma together, over the years making it brighter than EVER before.

I AM THANKful for every Human on this planet Earth.  For ALL you do, knowing or otherwise, I revel that I AM a part in the collective consciousness of HUMANity!  This Thanksgiving, I send LOVE and Light, to everyone I can.  THANKS especially to those who have given their Lives in the pursuit of FREEdom, on EVERY level.  LOVE is in abundance this year and in this time, I AM THANKful to play a role.  A special THANKs to my readers, may your Lives be filled with ALL the LOVE and Light needed to Shine.

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Energies of the 11/11

A Blue World

Image by Ehsan Khakbaz via Flickr

For my Numerology Readers, you will find a very insightful article called NOVEMBER’S SEA OF 11s.  Many are already aware of the impact that 11′s play in the role of what is to come for Humanity.  Even my own children were born into the Light of 11 and 22, so I have followed these particular groups fairly closely over the years.  I have found solace in the fact that I truly feel there is a Divine Plan at play.

I AM not saying that my life has always been easy.  What I AM saying; however, is that despite ALL that me and my family has gone through over the years with illness, poverty, and many other endless road blocks . . . we are still here, living life daily the best and only way we can.  With Hope and LOVE.  At times, I think, “How have we let things get so bad in my lifetime?”  Then I remember, as stated by the numbers, how things in our Reality our changing.  Ultimately for the betterment of ALL involved.  However, until we look inward, and reflect on ALL that has made us what we are, we will NEVER fully grasp the concept of One.

The biggest point most miss and I feel the most important . . . COLOR is an illusion.  Segregation of any kind is a segregation of Self.  Look to Humanity with LOVING eyes and a Caring Heart.  We need to talk about that which angers us, and NOT be afraid to admit, though we LOVE, we need to transform our hearts to deal with those emotions which are most uncomfortable to talk about.  finally, that FREE WILL, does NOT mean Free to do whatever we choose to other fellow humans.

Continue to transform the Karma we have already made for ourselves, and STOP ourselves from adding to an already burdened load.  LOVE and Light in this Age of Aquarius!

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A Word About Karma . . .


Image by Neil Krug via Flickr

With the shift speeding everything up these days, karma is NO exception.  I cannot be the only One whom has noticed this phenomena!  The Japan earthquakes by the nuclear plants is a great example of what I mean.  Not only is Mother Earth in retaliation; but a few weeks later the Japanese were awaken by the fact their Government had embezzled numerous funding from its people.  Coincidence?  There have been many instances in my own reality that come to mind; however, may seem insignificant to the reader.

I began contemplating my Karma when we attended a two-hour meeting on Fostering children.  The case instances broke my heart.  It saddened me that there are so many families ALL over the world torn apart by the hatred and fear that has been etched into this manifestation of reality.  Through religion and other socialization, we get lost in the self loathing and it spills onto those we LOVE around us.

If we could only stop for a moment and breath enough to realize that there is still beauty everywhere we look; would it be possible to change the path of destruction, some find themselves on?  I believe we can.  If others could see the beauty in their own Spirit through the my eyes, they would recognize their own self-worth and change the energy around them a heartbeat . . . a moment, ONE moment would be ALL it would take.  We will get there, quicker than some of us may think.

I have chosen to make this my best incarnation yet! I no longer look at the world around me and wonder what went wrong . . . I focus on ALL the good I see and ALL that has gone Musically.  Opening my eyes to the world around me, added to the beauty I see everyday in Humanity, has opened my eyes to exactly HOW connected we are with One another and with this planet.  Its like I have woken from a dream state and I AM seeing the world New and for the first time.  I feel I just had to CHOOSE to see it.

So for today and always, I wish ALL my fellow Humans on planet Earth, the Children of the Light . . . ALL the LOVE needed to guide and protect them on their journey.  Continue to wake up ONE human at a time, and keep your mind and heart open with unselfish LOVE of self and others.  This is the first step in healing, and the first step in living in the NOW!

For custom astrological interpretations please visit Birth Charts HQ.  See how the planets and energies affect you in the coming dimensional shift.  LOVE and Light Always . . . .

Pressed from Karma Wrapping Up Quickly

Global Coherence Initiative


Welcome to the Global Coherence Initiative’s September 12, 2011 full moon synchronized Care Focus. In order for GCI members around the world to participate at a convenient time, we have chosen 4 a.m., noon and 8 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time ( GMT/UTC minus 7 hours ) when GCI members in the Global Care Room can do the Care Focus together.* (The following website – http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html – is a time conversion site for determining the exact time the Care Focus will take place in your Local Time Zone. Select time: 8 p.m. (date optional). Convert from: Location: U.S.A.CaliforniaSan Francisco. Convert to: Location: Select your Country/City.) Thank you for being with us.

For those of you who are new to the Care Focus, if you are logged into the Global Care Room, you can see your green marker and the gold light points of others around the world in the Care Room at the same time. Realize that one gold light can represent a family, a group or an entire audience viewing the Care Room and doing the Care Focus together.

Let’s start by connecting with our own heart’s love, while breathing love and care in and out through our heart area to increase our heart coherence… Now let’s radiate our love and genuine connection to everyone participating in this Care Focus. Imagine our interconnectedness as a network of light, and see our love and care being amplified and uplifted by each other’s light.

For this full moon synchronized Care Focus, let’s include in our network of light all the individuals and groups who are sending love and care to the planet and see our interconnectedness being strengthened by our collective heart energy and by universal source energy… Let’s envision the network of light surrounding our planet in love and care, helping to create a heart-based field environment throughout humanity.

There are many challenges and opportunities that we can each direct the collective heart energy toward during this full moon time period, synchronizing our energetic contributions as we send our love and care to where our heart’s intuition calls us to whether it’s adding love and care to those honoring the memory of 9/11 as an opportunity to shift from fear to love, or sending love and compassion to people suffering from job loss, economic fears, hunger, war, fires or floods, or to all the aid workers on the ground helping those in need.

We’ll do this September full moon synchronized Care Focus together for fifteen minutes. It’s fine to stop sooner or continue longer if you choose. There will be music playing, or you can mute the music if you prefer.

It’s obvious we can’t list all the challenges and opportunities, whose numbers seem to be accelerating in this time of global change. There may be a major issue going on in your country or in regions where your heart intuition directs you to send heart. By following your heart’s guidance and focusing the collective energy, you can also help to neutralize fears as new challenges arise. Just know that wherever you direct the collective heart energy, it will be effective while facilitating the whole at the same time.

Care Focus

Imagine our interconnectedness as a network of light, and see our love and care being amplified and uplifted by each other’s light.… Now let’s merge into the greater network of light and join all individuals and groups who are holding the planet in love and compassion through these times of transformation towards a heart-based global community.… 

Now assign the collective love and energetic support to where your heart’s intuition directs you, perhaps based on your personal connection or relationship to the event. Then follow your heart’s guidance and know that wherever you direct the collective heart energy, it will be effective, seen or unseen. The intelligence of love knows the highest needs and quietly assists.… 

Next, let’s take 5 minutes to breathe focused love into the clouds of fear that accumulate with new challenges. Imagine the focused love helping to dissipate the fear, the way sunshine dissipates early morning fog. Also envision the softening and prevention of some of the challenges and hardships that are accompanying the planetary changes, yet surrender to the highest best outcome while remembering that we don’t always know what that is. 


It would be effective for the planet if we individually continue to do this Care Focus often in the Global Care Room. Use your own heart discernment on how long and when you participate. Remember to connect in the heart with all groups and individuals supporting the possibility and the opportunity for meeting personal and global changes with love, care and compassion.

Thank you for your participation in this Care Focus.
The GCI Staff





~I feel it is important that we ALL think in the same loving manner as the ancient Spiritual Leaders before us.  

~LOVE not hatred is the only way we will survive and vanquish those extra-dimensional beings that keep us blinded by fear and ignorance.  

~We NEED to Unite in Love and inner peace.  Color IS an illusion!  LOVE and Light


The Day of Pleasant Seduction

The terrestrial planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth...

Image via Wikipedia

June 15 people depend on their charm to get them where they want to go.  Thus, their principal talents are outwardly directed and involve other.  June 15th people must be appreciated for their seductive charms to work.  That is, their particular brand of seduction is overt rather than covert.  Those born on this day have a way of winning others over to their point of view and then bringing the best out of them.  Most June 15 people just want to feel appreciated; only the least evolved are more calculating and have a hidden agenda. Money may be very important to this type of June 15th person.

Those born on the 15th of ANY month are ruled by the number 6 (5+1=6) and 15, and by the planet Venus.  Those ruled by the number 6 are magnetic and sometimes can even inspire awe.  This, as mentioned above, is characteristic of June 15 people.  Since Gemini is ruled by Mercury, June 15 people tend to be both Venusian (sensuous) and Mercurial (clever).

The 15th card of the Major Arcana, The Devil, indicates a fear/desire dynamic working where sexual attraction, irrationality, and passion are concerned.  The Devil holds us slave through our need for security and money; he represents our base nature grasping for security; he controls us through the irreconcilable differences which exist in our male/female nature.  With their mind as the aggressive part and their body as the more passive, pleasure-loving, realm, June 15 people attempt a synthesis which can be both accepted and expressed in an easy manner without fear of irrationality–The Devil card.  The positive side of the Devil card is sexual attraction and the expression of passionate desires.  But, the card reminds us that although we are bound to our bodies, our Spirits are free to soar.

Daily Meditation:  Most living things demand constant satisfaction . . . .

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The Day of The Gutsy Confrontation

The Planet Mercury as a god according to a Tib...

Image via Wikipedia

The determined and intense people born on June 14 are very sharp in their observations and assessments of what goes on around them.  They are usually strongly opinionated, loyal, and demonstrate great courage when fighting the good fight, the honorable battle.  They are forceful and convincing when presenting their ideas and opinions, and because they understand human nature all too well, capable of mercilessly exposing hypocrisy and pretense . . . .

Those born on the 14th of ANY month are ruled by the number 5 (1+4=5), and by the planet Mercury.  The number 5, as well as the planet Mercury and the sign of Gemini all stand for change, implying a disdain for plodding behavior and a propensity for impulsive action.  June 14 people must learn to master impulsive urges, yet at the same time remain open to gradual (rather than sudden) change when it furthers their cause and that of those dependent upon them.  Fortunately, the number 5 bestows a resilient character which recovers quickly from the hard knocks of life.

The 14th card of the Major Arcana is Temperance.  The figure shown is a guardian angel who protects us and keeps us on an even keel.  This is a wonderful message for June 14 people, and they should heed it.  Those born on June 14th should especially avoid all forms of egotistical excess, and cultivate their innate ability to heal themselves.  Positively seen, Temperance modifies passions in order to allow for new truths to be learned and incorporated into one’s life.  However, it may also indicate negative traits of moodiness, trendiness, and malleability.

Daily Meditation:  Happiness is what we fear the most, peace somehow a luxury which we feel we cannot afford . . . .

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