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Emma Gonzalez Speaks to Trump Directly


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“We call BS!”

Its time for the conversation to change and to consider actual reform so this never happens again. Trump has taken money from the NRA as well as many conservatives and its time to say, “No more!” My heart weeps for these families and the children whose innocence was forever marred. It’s time to hold our government accountable for the lives lost–those lives they continue to say its not the right time to talk about.

When is the right time? When the 2nd amendment was written, they used muskets and did not consider automatic weapons we have today. The amendment should reflect the change in technology, and protect those of us who chose not to use guns as their means of existence. #BlueWave

Palmer Report Trump Russia


The Political Walls Are Closing In On Donald Trump – The Daily Beast


Jimmie Kimmel on Bill Cassidy’s Health “Care” Bill


Phase #éclipse aout 2017


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L'actualité de Lunesoleil


C’est un moment fort en émotions en tout genre et une étape importante sur le plan karmique. Ce qui signifie que la Lune arrive à l’intersection entre l’axe des nœuds lunaire (Rahu/nœud nord et Ketu/Nœud sud). On peut dire encore que nous franchissons une phase fondamentale dans l’expérience des éclipses qui ne se font ressentir pas uniquement le jour fatidique tant attendu, mais agissante en amont et en aval de l’éclipse. Ce mois d’aout est comme propulsé dans la spirale énergétique des éclipses. Vivre en conscience ce moment est porteur d’une transformation psychique intérieure, même si vous n’en avez pas toujours conscience, il y a de puissante énergie qui demeure au moment de la translation des éclipses. C’est comme une phase de transhumance énergétique demandant de faire appel a une ouverture consciente de cette période que l’on traverse chaque année à 6 mois d’intervalle.

Si nous arrivons à comprendre que

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John Bolenbaugh – Navy Veteran Turned Whistleblower Speaks Out on Enbridge Oil. Oil Spill Reporting From Michigan


John Bolenbaugh WhistleBlower is a NAVY Veteran/Bronze Star turned ENVIRONMENTAL whistle blower. Below is a message from him.

I lived on the Kalamazoo River when the tar sands oil spill occurred in 2010. I was a victim of the spill as well as my family and my dog. I has been featured on C-span, Huffington post, NPR, Mother Jones and hundreds of local and national news and radio organizations following the spill in 2010. My footage has been included in a half dozen tar sands documentaries, and my story was included in the E-book The Whistleblower by OnEarth Magazine.

In 2011, I was asked to speak outside of the White House by 350 .org founder Bill McKibben. I have traveled around the country several times to give speeches and to document the Kalamazoo, Yellowstone, Mayflower and the Gull oil spills. I am a Navy veteran with a bronze Star, Union member, pipeline fencing supervisor, head yard boss appointed directly by Enbridge.

As a clean up worker for S.E.T environmental (subcontractor under Enbridge) I became the whistle blower for the largest tar sand oil spill in north American history. My truth telling about the cover-up forced the pipeline company Enbridge to re-clean several dozen areas that were signed off by Enbridge, EPA and DEQ as 100% clean. John’s exposure forced the EPA to demand that Enbridge re-clean the covered up areas and re-dredge the river at an estimated cost of $600,000,000.

For more information on John and his work, go to his website at

To host a showing yourself, please reach out to John or myself.
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How This Millennial Woman Hopes To End 50 Years Of GOP Dominance In Her Hometown via


Haley Stevens, Democratic candidate is plans to be a tough opponent to Republican Dave Trott in Michigan’s 11th District.  I have had the pleasure to get to know Haley, and I feel she is the change we need for Michigan in Washington. #FlipTheDistrict #FlipTheSwitch and vote for change in 2018!uploads-image-2017-6-16-7cf379ed-7e45-44da-ab43-fc29ba0af780-haley_stevens_23a1412-2

Please read more below about this amazing candidate for Michigan in 2018. Love and Light in ALL you do…. JoJo

An Opinion from Someone Outside Looking In.


Thanks Jaiye!
There is a slight difference between you and me. I deal with facts, probably because i dont live in the states so i get real news. I have NO problem admitting when I am wrong when evidence it is provided. So when you ask if there is anything that Trump has done that i like honestly i have to say no because everything that he has done so far is to favor himself other oligarchs. You seem to think that everyone’s problem is he won and they lost. For me it doesnt make a single difference in my life besides entertainment (not my country #notmypresident). That said it also doesnt mean that i dont feel sorry for your citizens because unlike your narrow-minded self we can see the big picture. Environmental protections loosened will make you sicker faster, Health care plan will give you less coverage while making you pay more, Tax plan benefits who? You need to look for yourself at what is and has been done so far and where the plans you are privy to show where your nation is headed and stop listening to what Trump told you he was going to do on the campaign trail. Because if you havent noticed it yet he isnt really living up to those promises he made. Some of the things you say are truly amazing but that probably has to do with where you get your information. The only people on this planet who are of the view that USA was ‘serious trouble’ are Republicans but i guess that is expected if your leaders repeat it often enough even though all evidence speaks to the opposite. Another amusing thing you mentioned is the candidate who lost and should be in jail. Which one do you mean? The one your president ran a race against having you chant ‘Lock her up’ until he won and then told you don’t worry about it she’s a good person lol. Goes so far to defend her honor by firing your FBI director for coming out against her days before the election. It makes complete sense to get rid of Comey because of that, cant have someone in that position you cant trust. It’s only a coincidence that he’s the third high ranking official (Preet Bharara, Sally Yates) to be fired that was working to uncover these russian allegations. But you must be right. Even though the investigation is being stone-walled with lack of information by the white house and has only to look at Kushner, Page, Sessions, Flynn, Manafort, Stone connections to Kislyak, Gorkov and Deripaska to name a few. There is obviously nothing to see here. Treason is nothing compared to Hillary’s emails which definitely should see her in prison. 

Trying to understand how a republican mind works against their own best interest has become such a hobby of mine.