May 20 The Day Of Prolific Expression


New Beginnings

Those born on the 20th of the month are ruled by the number two and by the Moon.  Number two persons tend to be gentle and imaginative, easily hurt by the criticism or inattention of those around them.  Because they are ruled both by the Moon and Venus the natural ruler of Taurus, they can be very impressionable as well as emotional.  Often their mental processes can sometimes be colored by their feelings.  Since those born on May 20th have the proclivity for changing projects as well as their ideas.

This  can be emphasized by the coming influence of Mercury (Gemini’s ruler)  Guard against nervousness and emotional instability which can be present.

The 20th card of the Major Arcana shows The Judgement or Awakening in which we are urged to seek spirituality on ALL levels, and this begs us to leave our materialistic views behind us.  The card is depicted with an angel blowing on a trumpet, signifying the NEW day of accountability, is dawning upon the angel.  It is a card that can move us beyond our own ego and allows for a glimpse of the Infinite.  The problem can be that the trumpet exalts only only exaltation and intoxication, a loss of balance and indulgences reveling the most basic instincts.  The challenge is to remain centered and stable in mind, and NOT be carried away by passing fancies.

Meditation for the day:
~In the Human sexual arena, roles can be quickly reversed~

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