The Day of the Serial Epic May 22


Balance and Harmony

Those born on the 22nd of any month are ruled by the single digit 4, and by the planet Uranus, which can be known to be erratic and very explosive. Uranus receives an added burst of nervous and mental energies from Mercury ruler of Gemini which can be bring about rash or hasty decisions as well as abrupt changes of mind. Those ruled by the number 4 are extremely individual. Because they so often take the underdogs point of view with great assurance, they may seem antagonistic and may enrage others. Since 22 is a double “master” number, those born on the 22nd of any month may be fascinated with doubles of all kinds including and not withstanding symmetry.

The 22nd card of hte Major Arcana is The Fool, who in several versions of the Tarot we see The Fool stepping over the edge of a cliff seemingly carelessly. Some see him as a foolish man giving up ALL reason, others a highly spiritualized being free of earthly materialism. A more positive outlook can include renouncing resistance and following our instincts more freely. Foolhardiness, impulsiveness, and self obliteration are some of the less positive qualities this card holds. The highly evolved Fool has followed life’s path with the lightness of a child, has experienced life’s lessons and become ONE with their own vision or perceptual realities.

Work on emotional self control. Learn the value of self maintenance with careful attention to the details. Lesson demands on your partner; while examining your own short comings. Don’t take on, too many projects and make sure to finish that which you start.


~Alone among the animals, man loves noise~

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Balance and Harmony


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