The Day of Laughter and Sadness


For people born on June 10th, life clearly has its ups and downs. Sometimes it is likely that when this person is pushed to desperation that they become the most gutsy. One could say that June 10th people aren’t afraid of ANYthing because they are afraid of EVERYthing; indeed, they often take tremendous chances trying to bring resolution to dilemmas. They may seem happy-go-lucky, or at the least bittersweet, but if one scratches below the surface a bit, there can be a darker side to their lives.

Those born on the 10th of ANY month are ruled by the number 1 (1+0=1), and by the Sun. People born into the number 1, generally like to be first in what they do; the Sun tends to grand a warm and well-developed ego, with a distinctly human, positive orientation to life. Those ruled by the number 1 have firmly individual views on most subjects and can be quite obstinate. While Extremely Stubborn, June 10th People often manage to appear tractable (Gemini is a mutable air sign). The joint influence of the Sun and Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) gives June 10th people a mental boost. Those ruled by the number 1 tend to be ambitious, but June 10 people often manifest this drive subtly, directing others from behind the scenes.

The 10th card of the Major Arcana is The Wheel of Fortune, which signifies a reversal in fortune and teaches that there is nothing permanent except change. The Wheel indicates ups and downs, wins and losses, successes and failures in life. Those ruled by the number 1 and 10 focus on seizing opportunities; acting at just the right moment is the key to their success. The accompanying glaring successes and failures associated with the Wheel of Fortune, teaches NO success or failure is permanent.

Daily Meditation:
You can ALWAYS tell Artists–they do their work EVERY day whether they get paid or not . . . .

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