Happy Birthday Dad Debates


The family came over for my Dad’s birthday this past weekend.  After the cake and ice cream we were sitting in the living room, and began a discussion of 9/11 and the devastating after-quake that came soon after.  We debated Government conspiracies and even The Reptilian Agenda!  It was the most colorful conversation spawned with this group of individuals in a LONG time . . . we even found out that we had a common idea that the lunar landing may NOT have happened either.

Even my sister and brother in-law found themselves engaged in the conversation.  I AM not saying that any or ALL of the ideas discussed were taken as fact; but, I AM saying we talked about things I AM proud to have been a part of.  Other topics discuss were Spirituality,  Alex Jones, David Icke, NWO’s Agenda, and the Illuminati!  The only Ones missing was my son, and my brother.

We have ALL agreed to pick up the debates for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so I cannot wait to see how this conversation unfolds!  So for the next few weeks, occasionally I will post some of the proof I can collect and HOW I plan to add to the debates . . . what I would like from you is a discussion; whatever your views.  I hope everyone takes the opportunity to open the floodgates for a free exchange of ideas.  If we can do it, than it isn’t as hard as ONE may think!  LOVE to the readers and to my Ohana!  May the Light and Unselfish LOVE of Truth flow unblocked.

Thanks for an AMAZING day!  Happy Birthday Dad . . . .