Polar Shift and Karmic Balance


What should we expect WHEN the poles finish their shift; and Magnetic North is NO longer where we expect it to be?

There is much speculation, government may decide this is their chance for a total controlled take over those like David Icke and Alex Jones have been talking about.  Their chance for a total controlled take over of US the “lower classes” or any of those hindering their  plans for world domination!

I feel we are heading to the final stages of the battle for our reality.  The reality that has been written in the stars, so very long ago.  I feel much soul-searching is necessary for humanity to reign truly free as we were intended to be.

LOVE is breaking down the Karmic barriers we have long been shackled by, and it is the ONLY thing that will keep us strong from ALL that is to come!  Remember we are truly Spiritual Beings sharing a human experience, we do NOT need to try to be spiritual beings.  We must look inward and reflect on the world in which we would like to live in it.  We must realize color, above ALL, is an illusion.  Fear cannot control us, unless we ourselves allow it.  I tell my children it begins with refraining from doing those things that upset you the most; whatever it is . . . NEVER inflict that kind of trauma on another, if you don’t like to be called names, then by ALL means do not inflict name calling on another soul.  A simple smile can go along way to heal the Human heart.

LOVE and Light in ALL you do!  For a personal cast chart and interpretation at Birth Charts HQ.

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