Police Beating on Non-Violent Students at Occupy Berkley


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We are ALL ONE!

Police Beating on Non-Violent Students at Occupy Berkley – David Icke Website.

Once again this shows how things can get ugly with the New World Order agenda can get when trying to make their point.  What humanity is beginning to realize is that “WE the People” are no longer important in the political/religious agenda.  Occupy Wall Street has shown us just how important “WE the People” truly are in the collective.

I also find it interesting that fewer people were seriously injured (NOT counting police induced violence) than died from the Swine Flu vaccine.  The POINT of OWS is to show how important diversity can be, as well as our human capacity to join together, despite our differences . . . to achieve a common goal.

Here that NWO elitist, you are no different from any of us, except WE have the light on our side, you have chosen only darkness, greed, and fear.

LOVE and Light to my fellow light bearers, and ALL of Humanity!  Thanks to Mr. David Icke for his incredible insights.

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  1. It’s sad to see that the US still thinks force can change how people think and it’s no small consolation to consider that the US Establishment( corporations and their puppet politicians) who are the one’s truly in need of a change of perspective will be the one’s who get it the way they’ve been giving it out in the end!


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