MELCHIZEDEK 2011 – The Rainbow Scribe


MELCHIZEDEK 2011 – The Rainbow Scribe.


LOVE and Light Dear fellow Light Bearers, the time of change is upon us. May ALL your visions become a reality, and may LOVE fill your every moment.

For your personal cast astrological interpretation, please visit Birth Charts HQ; and I will lead you to your personal planets and what they mean for you in the coming days.

Keep the LOVE Light shining, it is a TRULY amazing time in our Spiritual development . . . . even those times of hardship, consider this a time of growth and strength.  Everything we do and will do has prepared us for that which is to come next, and Humanity will prevail in the end.  Thanks for ALL you do and ALL you are.

Much LOVE to ALL my readers and keep the Flame of truth burning . . . .



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