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One World Rising

I like people and things I read, to get me thinking, to see things from a whole new perspective, to drag me outside the box. I like to sit alone and ponder things, switch them around in my head, try them on for size, see if they fit in my heart. I like to be challenged. I guess this was why I was able to shift to this new paradigm relatively easy. I was open and hungry for a new way of being, I accepted the challenge that said ” Can you learn to let go and go with the flow in a new direction?” There was that challenge that fired me up! It’s good to set up challenges for yourself, it spurs you on and pushes your buttons. That is why  I  find it so hard to live in the world as it is today without residing in my spiritual heart…

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Alchemist, Astrologer, Esoteric, Spiritualist, Wife, Mother, and Friend. ~What If I died? What did I give? I HOPE it was an answer, so you might LIVE . . . I HOPE I helped you LIVE~Creed

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