Release Your Light Into The World


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Peace from within begins with letting go of the Dross around us and in us ALL.  The effects are NO stranger to my family and those I see around me everyday.  Thoughts and or conflicts having NO place in the collective are being pushed to the surface with as much force as a long dormant volcano.  The more we suppress these feelings thoughts and emotions; the more resilient they become in their NEED to be heard.  Much as the voice of Humanity cries to be heard in every country around the world.  The same is happening throughout every level of our existence.  We must acknowledge these feelings, in order to work through them, and finally release them into the nothingness they are formed of.  Then we can begin to LOVE ourselves again, and finally will be ready to LOVE our fellow Human beings ALL over the planet.  I would NEVER want ANY harm to come to my Children; and therefore, ALL humanity is someone’s Child, and to wish ill will to any of them would make me the worst kind of hypocrite.  ONE random act of kindness daily, can remind us of our truest intent . . . to LOVE and BE LOVEd.  I wish ALL my readers a LOVE and Light filled shift; NO matter what is to come, TODAY I AM happy with who I AM; and everyday I try to help those around me find the Peace from within themselves.

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Release your light into the world.

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