Astrotheology and the Age of Aquarius


The New Age is among us, an Age where knowledge and empathy will play a very important role.  I don’t believe I have channeled any aliens or beings when I blog, I just FEEL the information needs to be heard.  Wether or NOT I have ONE reader or ONE hundred, I know those who choose to read it, will take what they have learned and spread it to those they touch daily.  I cannot stress enough how important information will play, as we learn to discern between the interpolated truths of the many, Humanity will learn that which is Truth . . . drawing from the collective unconscious, in a way where lies have NO place.

This may be what Thoth meant in the Emerald Tablet when he stated “Separate Earth from fire carefully and with great ingenuity.”  We need to separate the Fire of fear and mistruths, from the Universal Truths which lie as stable as Earth in their certainty.  So even as you read the links I post . . . Separate the Earth from Fire in your own lives, and remember to live with forgiveness and understanding.  LOVE is the only way in which we will continue to ascend, as we were meant to do.  Enjoy the reading.  LOVE and Light on Your Journey, as we ALL are there with you . . . .

Astrotheology and the Age of Aquarius |

For custom cast astrological interpretations, visit Birth Charts HQ Today!  Enjoy the related links they are not necessarily my opinions; however, they do add more to for a WELL rounded view of those around us, every day.

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