David Wilcock 5-9-12…”Divine Intervention: ETs Defeating Old World Order”


Celestial numbers

Celestial numbers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

David Wilcock 5-9-12…”Divine Intervention: ETs Defeating Old World Order”.

Some interesting information for ALL you David Wilcock followers.  Time seems to be fast flying these days, as the Earth prepares for her journey through the Galactic Equator.  Can you feel the energy changes in your lives? Even though there is much speculation on exactly how ET’s are intervening; and to the side in which they MAY or may NOT be on.  I feel we should take each bit of new information, with a grain of salt . . . FEEL how this information resonates with YOU, and then make informed decisions.  DO YOUR RESEARCH!  Don’t take mine, or ANY other’s word in ANY matter . . . DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, too.  You will begin to know what FEELS right and the rest will fall into place.

Something major is on the horizon, it is time we prepared for whatever that may be.  LOVE One another UNCONDITIONALLY, let us put our differences aside and greet the shift with eyes and arms WIDE open.  We have to take responsibility for our own lives, and STOP blaming others for our own shortcomings.  Understanding, compassion, and LOVE can conquer ANYthing.  Are you up to the test?

I humbly thank those ET’s, and gratefully accept their help on a grander scale; however, it is ultimately up to each and every ONE of us to do our part . . . we ALL have our role.  LIVE it and LOVE it to the fullest.  Enjoy the read, and LOVE and Light on your Journey . . . .

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