The 2012S Interview: Cobra – Part One and Two


The 2012S Interview: Cobra – Part 1/2.

The 2012S Interview: Cobra – Part 2/2.

Since launching the blog Portal 2012 – which is subtitled The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light in 2012 – on March 31 this year, the person who identifies his or her self only as Cobra has made quite an impact.

Mostly, this has been due to Portal 2012’s intriguing content mix – which incorporates an unusual blend of informational postings for readers like you and I, as well secret codes, under titles such as Pandora and Phoenix, which Cobra maintains are designed for those who work with an organisation called the Resistance Movement, led by a man he only refers to as “Michael”.

The two links above give you a completed picture of this channeling enigma . . . enjoy the read, and DON’T forget to join me at Birth Charts HQ for your personal astrological interpretation!


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