Not a Perfect World | The 2012 Scenario


English: Four Kumaras: Source is from Editor i...

English: Four Kumaras: Source is from Editor in Chief, Sri Vasudeva Sarana Upadhyaya, of Sri Sarvesvara Press, Sri Nimbarkacarya Pitha, Salemabad, Rajasthan, India. He has given me all rights to the photos used in the section and should be licensed under the GFDL. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There are many different theories on the changes happening everywhere around us.  I feel there really is no BAD information out there, I just feel it is information and a perspective as seen by others in OUR collective reality.  AS perceptions change gradually around us, we will learn to discern between that which holds true in our OWN reality and that which is propaganda and unTrue.

We are the masters of our own reality in this space and time.  I feel we need to be well-informed of ALL views, channeled or otherwise; and discern which rings true within ourselves.  We shouldn’t take ANYthing on another’s word, we need to decide after we, too have done our OWN research.  LOVE and Light on Your Journey’s . . . .



Not a Perfect World | The 2012 Scenario.





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