The Containment Method Strikes a Chord


Archangel Michael From the S. Antony church of...

Archangel Michael From the S. Antony church of St. Ulrich in Gröden – Ortisei Val Gardena Italy. painter Josef Moroder-Lusenberg 1876. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Nuri hearkens to pictures of Muammar Gaddafi being killed by an angry mob as evidence of what “mass arrests” might result in.

How the Containment method strikes a Heart chordNuri Akyol, Live in the Heart, 12 Jul 2012.

When the transcript of the interview that Steve Beckow had on July 2nd with Archangel Michael was released I was at first surprised. Like everyone else who has been following channelings and insider (‘white hat’) information I had been reading and/or hearing about ‘mass arrests’ for months now. Hence, I was expecting arrests on an unprecedented scale. So this sudden change of ‘rhetoric’ and especially ‘method’ started even to taste a bit bitter as frustration decided to peek around the corner.

Nevertheless, this feeling of frustration dissipated very fast (much to my delight) as I was reading it further, because I felt that there was truth in Archangel Michael’s words:

“But let me also say, as your brother, as your friend, as the archangel of peace, you did not come to participate solely in destruction, solely in things like mass arrests — for really what does this mean? What I would suggest to you is that the idea or the term of mass arrests, whether it is with the Intergalactic Council or the [Galactic] Federation, or your star brothers and sisters scattered far and wide, for lightworkers and lightholders, has a very different meaning.And that is why I wish to address this usage of language, because, dear hearts, when you speak of mass arrests, you are speaking of violence. You are speaking of retribution, you are speaking of revenge. And that is not who you are, it is not who you have ever been, and it is certainly not why you have come.”

Yes, it did indeed feel like retribution and in some cases even revenge every time the term ‘mass arrests’ came up. I personally couldn’t wait to see them rounded up and to give them a piece of their own cake. However, now I understand that the meaning that is attributed to this term as a collective, of which I am a part of, is one of anger, fear, hatred etc.

As a result, the interview with archangel Michael resulted into me asking a fundamental question: How would we be any different from the Cabal if our actions would be based on the same underlying lower vibrational emotions and feelings?When writing this my thoughts wander off to how Saddam Hussein and more recently Khadaffi have come to their end. When this happened, I kept on asking myself the question: how are we any different from them? And in retrospect, in regards to this particular channeling, it all makes heart sense to me now! This collective and individual journey towards ascension just happens to be about the exact opposite, namely about eradicating those lower vibrations and transcending into unconditionally loving, compassionate and forgiving beings.

Nevertheless, it is my opinion that a certain amount of arrests should be made to honour the collective’s will as I believe that it could prove to be very important to the collective’s emotional healing as far as I can judge it off course. And I am almost certain that I have read that it will happen although I cannot find it back any more.Lastly, I would like to send my utmost gratitude to Archangel Michael for giving us an essential wake up call once more.

Much Love and Light on Your Journey . . . .

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