Global Coherence Initiative-Meditation for Gaza and Her People


Gaza-Israel war casualties

Gaza-Israel war casualties (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Special Care Focus: Israel and Gaza

Hamas controlled Gaza has fired rockets into Israel reaching Tel Aviv and near Jerusalem and Israeli warplanes are striking Gaza. Israel is amassing troops and tanks near the border of Gaza for a potential ground invasion. The new Egyptian Prime Minister met with Hamas officials and the world waits to see how Egypt and Mid-East countries will respond. Leaders across the world have called on Israeli and Palestinian governing bodies to show restraint.

It’s important that we send coherent heart energy to the leaders and people of Gaza and Israel. Visualize a dome of coherent heart energy surrounding the region and radiate peace and care into the dome, desiring the highest best outcome. Let’s remain vigilant in our care and compassion for the suffering that is occurring.

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Thank you for providing energetic care and support.

The GCI Steering Committee and Staff

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  1. Hello 🙂
    You’ve seen the cards of independence of the Israel and Hamas on my blog? What distinguished the two cards is the square of Sun/Mars and the other the moon/Mars square
    Before my article I didn’t know anything about these conflicts which drag for decades. It is revolting to see a country with a millennial religious culture and triggering conflicts with the Gaza Strip.
    This last event occurred just after 100 event in Europe in my opinion the two events are linked, and for me the second caused to stop the first…
    What do you think?