Brad Austen: Human Destiny – Is It Pre-Planned or Do We Have a Choice?


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Human Destiny — Is it pre-planned or do we have choice?

Written by Brad Austen, Mindful-Meditations.

Human destiny is an interesting topic to explore, as many people in their lives will wonder what the future has in store for them. Generally there are two schools of thought on this subject. One belief is that we create our own destiny with our thoughts, words and actions, moment by moment, each day. The other school of thought is that our destiny is already pre-planned; we created it before we were born. There is some truth in both of these statements.

We do have a rough plan that we create in the spirit world before we incarnate. We create a certain “set up” or “mission” we wish to achieve. We choose certain people to be with us in our lives. We choose our parents, to help us grow, to challenge us…

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