Christina Sarich: Monsanto’s Toxic RoundUp in Breast Milk? Moms Say ‘No More!’


Monsanto and breast milk a must read for Mothers and those about to become one….

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breastfeeding mom roundup hand 263x164 Monsantos Toxic RoundUp in Breast Milk? Moms Say ‘No More!’Written by Christina Sarich, Natural Society.

There’s really nothing more vicious in the animal kingdom than a mother whose young are threatened. When it comes to humans, many mothers have this same ferocious defense mechanism, and for “Moms Across America”, the threat is RoundUp’s (an herbicide) ingredient glyphosate – and the predator in their sights is Monsanto.

Moms Across America is a group of mothers going after GMOs and biotech giant Monsanto for their flagship product RoundUp. The active ingredient in this powerful herbicide is glyphosate, which has previously been detected in drinking water, blood, and breast milk across the country. Since glyphosate is now finding its way into breast milk, and Moms Across America have drawn a line.

“This is a poison and it’s in our food. And now they’ve found it in breast milk,” said founder Zen Honeycutt. “Numerous studies show serious harm to mammals. We want…

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