Free Masonry, as researched by a reader, Deb. . . . Several years ago, I had to dig around to find this info, and now we have been gifted with it! Please take advantage of this opportunity to fill in a few more of the puzzle pieces . . . ~J


2012: What's the 'real' truth?

My sincerest thanks, Deb, and hugs, ~Jean

Hi Jean, I have been researching Free Masonry…As with all societies and religions, the lower levels appear to be as ‘disillusioned’ as the general public..The higher degrees of Masonry are NOT represented by what we see locally, by any means..I am posting the links to info I have found helpful, in case it is helpful for other ‘truth seekers’…I know many lower degree Masons who are WONDERFUL people. I am not intending to step on toes or rattle cages, I only want the truth about the world I live in. I am only presenting it so others can see it for themselves and determine their own ‘truth’.

I apologize for this being such a large post but hope you will read it when you feel better…Deb

I have been using the Masons own materials as I consider it authoritative. The Masons Encyclopedia, Masonic…

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