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2012: What's the 'real' truth?

I have been working with Emily much of the night (for me) and with Veronica, who plans to make a video asap, hopefully with Andrew Bartzis. Emily, who lives in Ireland, is trying to connect to people there to alert them, and so on. I am also translating out of broken English another article, which I will post asap. Veronica, Emily, and I all think this is vitally important . . . please send energy to this particular ley line, keeping it ‘alive’, protecting it.

Love and hugs, 

Here is what Emily had to say most recently: 

Jean, Skellig is definitely suspect… I have been doing a bit of research.  The director of Star Wars is a known Zionist who appears to specialise in changing the humanitarian theme of movie franchises such as Star Trek and Star Wars to a Zionist mentality.

Here is Kevin Barrett’s article on this:

. …

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