Making Fun Music to Help Dissolve the Matrix? Why Not?



Raising our own energies while reducing and eliminating energies that limit us. If this idea resonates with you, jump right in! This is from We’ll be posting more lyrics and/or songs at least a couple a week. -d13

Music Project Invite
August 24, 2014
One of our primary goals for this sight is raising our collective and individual energies in order to catapult us to a higher level of Life. What better way to do that than a playful foray into the dismantling of the control structures that bind?

Music is the universal language, for it is the language of joy, sorrow, solace, myster. You name it and there’s a soundtrack vibe to it.

Our music project combines these 2 ideas so that we can raise awareness to the truth behind our status as second class citizens beneath the 1%ers who are hogging the resources of the planet while…

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