Christina Sarich: Top 5 Companies Trying to Stop GMO Labeling in Colorado


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gmo labeling colorado oregon 575 263x164 Top 5 Companies Trying to Stop GMO Labeling in ColoradoNote from Wes: I think this list is very important. Study up on it! It’s interesting that some companies, like Annie’s Homegrown, are on both sides of the list.

Written by Christina Sarich, Natural Society, October 11, 2014 –

Want to know the biggest impedance to GMO labeling in Colorado and perhaps the rest of the nation right now? It boils down to 5 big spenders, though there are others in the game of trying to keep you in the dark about what’s in your food. Over $8 million has been raised so far, specifically aimed at stopping the GMO labeling Statutory Amendment 105. You can see the full text of that document here.

Coloradans and the rest of the country have the right to make informed choices about what is in their food. Aside from health concerns, some people have religious, moral, or cultural beliefs that prohibit…

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