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tony_abbot_profileThis is a “synchronicity posting”, as my eyes were strongly drawn to this one when I viewed DW’s comment.

Comment by shad01 on November 19, 2014 @ 12:53 am

TONY ABBOTT is being savagely marked down by voters.

“World leaders must be wondering why Australia sent the village idiot to the G20. What an embarrassing performance for the PM,” said Senator Dastyari.

“To have the entire leaders of the world together and use that as an opportunity to talk about your GP tax and the fact you can’t anything through your Senate, Prime Minister you can’t get anything through the Senate because they’re bad policies.”

“No one wants them and it’s just embarrassing that Tony Abbott is out there on the world stage acting like the village idiot.”

[from Tony Abbott down in polls after G20]

The Government had benefited from Mr Abbott’s applauded role in the international…

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