Is Hertz So bad? The 432 vs. 440 Controversy


2012: What's the 'real' truth?

This is not news to me. Denise Rednour, a great disk jockey, informed me of this quite a while ago.  The changes have been done to us deliberately to create a dissonance in us — just like the yearly calendar has been altered from the natural one of the moon to an arbitrary one that doesn’t make sense or feel ‘right’. ~J

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Are we all listening to Nazi engineered music?
Nazi music? What? Let me explain…First, if you’re reading this then you are quite special. Since the story was posted it has been almost completely avoided by readers. I don’t think I can say it has been ignored — how can you avoid seeing the swastika and the descriptive paragraph?No, something more is going on… but be glad it is not happening to…

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