Operation: Notice to All Public Servants


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Published on Nov 16, 2014
Thanks to D. 

Greetings, world.

We Are Anonymous.

This is a call for a change of heart to all public servants!

Let us start with the reminder that each & every one of you are here to serve the people. No government ever created a man, but a man creates government. As you might have heard by now, on Monday, November the 10th, the writ of Quo Warranto went out to all district, federal, & Supreme Court judges in all fifty states in the United States.

In it, ALL the public servants are ORDERED by the people to start doing their real job, which is serving the very people who put them in the office or vacate the office immediately. If you all have not seen the writ, ask your superiors about it. It is the will of the people & you are put on…

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