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2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Join me tonight on Janet Hickox’s show “Living Astrology” at 7:00 pm ET/4:00 pm PT when we discuss the Black Moon moving into Virgo:–interview-with-laura-walker-of-oraclereportcom

tree+friedaBalsamic Moon Phase: field transformation

Moon in Scorpio

Ruling Mahavidya: Kamala (Goddess of Assurance)

Skill: be like a wise owl in a tree peering out and observing

Negative Imprint: feeling restricted, stealing, making noise but saying nothing, surrendering to domination, jealousy, difficulty expressing feelings

Positive Imprint: rebirth, making melodies from sounds, consultations, choosing wisely, objectivity, contemplation, teamwork, taking something and making it better.

The planets align in a special configuration today that enables messages to be powerfully transmitted into the collective, so powerfully in fact that they shape the future.

Power to infuse a background or subliminal communication into the message is provided by the position of Mars at the degree of the Sabian symbol “a hidden choir singing during a religious ceremony.”  Mars turns this spiritual energy…

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