Ireland Rising: Water is a Human Right, December 10, 2014, thanks to ‘Y’!


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The video below captures the protest in Dublin in the 10th Dec, another brilliant inspiring day. The commentary on how many were there varies depending on who you listen to — our national broadcast maintains there were between 30-35K (BULLSHIT!!), BBC actually said up to 300K, having been there, I can tell you there were tens of thousands, well well over 100K AT LEAST!  The streets of Dublin were filled with people, it was a proud day to be Irish!

I also heard that four coach loads of people came from London (and not just Irish people on it either) to protest in solidarity with the Irish, we also had people from Detroit Water Brigade protesting us in solidarity too!  Once again the atmosphere was electric, very good humoured, defiant and jovial! My teenage kids came with me to the protest and they were blown away by the whole…

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