Gary ‘Z’ McGee: Evolution Begins at Home: 4 Ways to Apply the Alchemy of Self-Overcoming


Openhearted Rebel

By Gary ‘Z’ McGee, The Mind Unleashed, July 11, 2015

“Time makes ancient good uncouth.”James Russell Lowell

Evolution begins at home. If you overcome yourself again and again, you might earn the right to overcome the rest of us. You might even earn the right to become a catalyst of the first order, a particular “flavor” of human being that has the wherewithal to hone their ability to inject the infinite into the finite. You might become Christ-like or Buddha-esc, or even Gandhi self-similar or MLK-comparable. You might even be able to put the thorough into Thoreau. Indeed, the single best way to change the world for the better, to really send out ripples of progressive, healthy evolution into a distilled sea of unsustainable entropy, is to, after standing on the shoulders of giants, live by exemplary example.

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