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K_197Just caught ship outbound—Sunlight—toward third spin—shaped seas and peaks almost hill-high and wide as desert cross—pause—to wait and back again…Long way home—but getting there. This ‘wind’—must keep winding through sharp curves and peaks—too high to climb—when going home sometimes runs—ruins of circles…Follow smoke curls and— Listen to the sounds of sing-song-choir along—a line—where sea meets sea and sky appears above—forgotten shimmers—of water—stretching beyond eye watch and body wait. Walk into—the salty waves of that dead-sea—between melody’s songs—and disappear—into mists and sea sounds and other dawns.

Where liquid—touches ground and neon streaks—sky borne—a river peace—mere yards from lake’s feed and black sand’s part—depart—knurled oaks bark—And! Face carved watch—the changes of day’s light and night’s bright—all with star shine and moon’s spin. When do voices begin—to bounce—and then become simple—echoes? Where do lives end and their moving on—becomes anecdotal? Why do years—speed away—when minutes—create epoch features—moving creatures and—life? We are—the proof of…

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