Meditation: Why, What, and How?



Meditation: Why, What, and How?

Why Meditate?

Life pulls us in every direction but one: inward. As we go about our walk through this world, we not only have our own desires and needs to contend with but also those of the people with which we come into contact. In meditation, you come back to your Self as you truly are.

From birth onward, we are told what we are and what we are not. Meditation is the way to discover what it really means to exist; and the way to rest peacefully in that awareness.

Until you come to know the silence and stillness of your Being, you will remain a victim of your human body/mind. Your body/mind’s problems will be Your problems. Once you realize through experience that your body/mind is in You but You are not your body/mind, everything changes.

The world becomes a benevolent place…

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