New Skin, New Clothes, Recalibration… Now What??

New Skin, New Clothes, Recalibration… Now What??

The Shift of Time and Energy!

new again

I hope everyone enjoyed the blast of 888 energies yesterday (or the day before, depending where you live on this planet!)  What a weird day!!  Good, but weird.  I woke up late from a very long very deep sleep.  I slept a good 10 hours, but how I woke up that was strange, like I just pealed out of a banana peel and placed into a disoriented consciousness as my eyes opened.  It was only a minute, but still…. weird!!  At least until I started writing just now, ohh I love when we get nuggets without asking!!  Yay!!  lol

Have you ever gone to a motel room and when you woke up, you just couldn’t orient yourself to where you are for a minute after waking.  That’s because your full spectrum energy is not there to orient you to you.  You’re in bed with god knows how many energy signatures…

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