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How do we want to be remembered when others speak of this time on planet Earth? When the historians and archaeologists look back into us to teach in their schools, how do we choose to be perceived?

It is a choice we can currently make. We can choose as a Human Race to stand against all hypocrisies throughout the globe. We can and should unite not in a New World Order, but a New World Energy! Stop allowing ourselves to be divided by religion, economic, or ethnicity.

I would like others to reflect upon our time, as not one of mistakes, but the learning from and creating a more peaceful world for all to live in. If we joined forces to spread Peaceful resolutions instead of bullying and wars…  we may still be noted in history as a time of “what NOT to do” but a time in which the globe united to change all that is out of sync and come into balance with both Nature and our truest selves…..

United as a planet as the Human Race…


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