An Alchemist Wish For Us All in These Crazy Times of Uncertainty


I feel….

Our country was founded on the basic inalienable rights of its people and those who live here. We preach freedoms we no longer have, and fight wars we don’t need to fight on the backs of those principals warped to benefit the wealthy and global powers.

Other places own their history, learn from their mistakes and take that we “spew” as righteous and justice or “humanitarian” and make it work. Yet we cannot even practice it here in the USA; we just say do as I say, not as I do.

Well I am an American with a diversified genetic makeup. My relatives; as that of my husband were refugees and immigrants…

I believe in a government for ALL humanity. Not just one who boasts superiority. That owns our mistakes like the slaughter of countless Indigenous and those we forced into slavery from Africa…to build a better dream, supposedly for ALL. To never allow these atrocities define us, but remind us to not allow this treatment of human beings exist any longer….

Not for the wealthy but for all. Not a NWO but New Global Peace without war, without fear, and everyone can be who they choose peacefully.

Let us as The Human Race make this dream a reality!


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Alchemist, Astrologer, Esoteric, Spiritualist, Wife, Mother, and Friend. ~What If I died? What did I give? I HOPE it was an answer, so you might LIVE . . . I HOPE I helped you LIVE~Creed

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