Do Away With the Electoral, One Person… One Vote – An Alchemist’s Opinion


One person one vote. Do away with college. If a majority of Americans are liberal or conservative this type of election will reflect that change. 
Politicians will be forced to go to every state, not just swing electoral states. They will need to appeal to ALL not just their bases to get elected. 
We are much more informed and and more than the the sum total of our parts. 
It has been twice that we have had the electoral vote against our wishes. In a democracy if a liberal mind is in more of the People than conservative, Washington should reflect this in its decisions. If the world leaned toward conservatism, the same applies. 
We are missing the point that there is an overwhelming amount of evidence and support to state our government has lost sight of the fact they work for We the People! 
Most of us are not as wealthy as we like to pretend or claim. That is why they are only 1% of WORLD population. This is a poor sampling of the energies influencing daily lives in America, our feelings as a society, or our ideas as individuals. 
We are viewed as their sheep and it’s time we remember those who fought for our country and for her ideals, and rescue ourselves from this surrealistic nightmare. TOGETHER!


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