John Bolenbaugh – Navy Veteran Turned Whistleblower Speaks Out on Enbridge Oil. Oil Spill Reporting From Michigan


John Bolenbaugh WhistleBlower is a NAVY Veteran/Bronze Star turned ENVIRONMENTAL whistle blower. Below is a message from him.

I lived on the Kalamazoo River when the tar sands oil spill occurred in 2010. I was a victim of the spill as well as my family and my dog. I has been featured on C-span, Huffington post, NPR, Mother Jones and hundreds of local and national news and radio organizations following the spill in 2010. My footage has been included in a half dozen tar sands documentaries, and my story was included in the E-book The Whistleblower by OnEarth Magazine.

In 2011, I was asked to speak outside of the White House by 350 .org founder Bill McKibben. I have traveled around the country several times to give speeches and to document the Kalamazoo, Yellowstone, Mayflower and the Gull oil spills. I am a Navy veteran with a bronze Star, Union member, pipeline fencing supervisor, head yard boss appointed directly by Enbridge.

As a clean up worker for S.E.T environmental (subcontractor under Enbridge) I became the whistle blower for the largest tar sand oil spill in north American history. My truth telling about the cover-up forced the pipeline company Enbridge to re-clean several dozen areas that were signed off by Enbridge, EPA and DEQ as 100% clean. John’s exposure forced the EPA to demand that Enbridge re-clean the covered up areas and re-dredge the river at an estimated cost of $600,000,000.

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