LOVE and Light on Your Journey . . .

I want to take this opportunity to explain a little bit about the types of information I blog about.  I feel it is necessary, as we are moving through these final tests on our Humanity very quickly.    I blog about the energies I see and FEEL around me.  These are the things that ring Truth in myself.  Some ideas, I feel ludicrous and insensitive, I do NOT post.  I talk about Astrology, politics, aliens, spirituality, alchemy, LOVE, light, NWO, OWS, music, family (Ohana), health, or whatever inspires thought in the moment.  Religion is NOT left out, as I give equal time to ALL thoughts, as long as they ring TRUTH.

As I read other bloggers, adding their perspectives to the mix, I often re-blog or Press important information or insights they have, as well as adding my own ideas and feelings after their link.  I try to post other related links, as to give the reader more opportunity for similar information and a better view to decide for themselves.  I would be inclined to have guest bloggers should they need to reach my audience, more directly inspiring.  Whatever it takes, to open up the conversation, transmute the pains of our humanity, and realize how truly amazing we are.

SO, LOVE and Light, whichever path you may choose, and I HOPE I have inspired you someway, on your journey.  Forgive yourself, acknowledge NOT suppress your Dark releasing it back into nothingness, and LOVE Unconditionally; this topped by ending the innocent bloodshed of our fellow Humans.  Do UNTO others; DON’T do that you do NOT want done to you or those you LOVE; baby steps will move mountains.



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  1. At 1st, I was stopping bye, to say thanks for checking out my blog. Low & behold, I’ve found a kindred spirit. You’ve gained a follower for life, & thanks for sharing your light. One day I’d like to ask you about the moon & stars. Please don’t take my sign the wrong way. #NOTHINGMatters. Namaste


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