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LOVE and Light!


Today has already been amazing; from the call from our new landlord at 8AM, letting us know that the other tenants fell through.  We got the house!  Not a 400 square foot mess we have tried to make a home for years; but, a house to LOVE into the next decade or two.  Our children have their own space, we have an amazing kitchen, and well, ROOM!

The contemplation of the move has shifted our spirits into the Highest of Realms.  It has been LONG overdue.  The reason I AM blogging, is to thank ALL the many that have said a prayer, sent their LOVE, or cast a spell.  Whatever the reason, it has illuminated my Soul and Heart; as it took everyone to get here.  I AM stepping up the random acts of kindness. It is contagious.

LOVE and Light in ALL you do . . . .

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