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Conspiracy Theory or Truth Theory?


English: Texas School Book Depository, Dallas

English: Texas School Book Depository, Dallas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Conspiracy Theory or Truth Theory? | in5d.com | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database.

As we are finding out more and more, many truths have been either distorted or hidden in order for those in power to maintain control over society. The obvious answer, for those in power, is to eliminate the competition in any way possible in order to keep the masses subservient and controlled.

Rockefeller did this within the medical industry when he created colleges that taught physicians how to write prescriptions that fed Big Pharma versus teaching holistic ways to CURE symptoms and diseases.  Look no further than experiencing heartburn or acid reflux. Big Pharma says that you can eat anything if you take an antacid but your body is telling you that you need to boost your alkaline consumption.

Another example is how Nikola Tesla powered the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair on free energy.  His financier, J.P. Morgan, was unable to charge people for this invention so he suppressed the idea in the name of greed, power and control.  Morgan believed that “He who controls the energy, controls the power.”  As we know, Morgan was one of the founding fathers of the world’s largest Ponzi scheme, The Federal Reserve, who creates money out of thin air that is not backed by anything.

Anyone with half a brain that isn’t tainted by fluoride knows that it was impossible for Lee Harvey Oswald to kill John F. Kennedy from the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas TX, especially when the shot came from an angle that was impossible for Oswald to make. The official story has conspiracy written all over it, yet we passively accept this as the truth.

That is no different than the 911 fairy tale in which 2 planes allegedly took down 3 buildings when never in the history of steel reinforced building have ANY ever collapsed at near free fall speed.  Many people aren’t even aware of Building 7 and how that collapsed when it was never even hit by an airplane.

Conspiracy Theory or Truth Theory? | in5d.com | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database

The main stream media constantly labels ANYONE who questions ANYTHING as a conspiracy theorist and that we should accept THEIR version of the truth.  People, such as myself, get labeled as being part of the “fringe element” when in fact, those who are most powerful have the most to lose and thus, create the “outrageous” stories that they expect us to believe.

Screw that.  Question EVERYTHING because the truth is RARELY shown in our texts and by the mainstream media.

Like Carlin says about the labeling of people as kooks who believe in conspiracies: “they made that something that should not even be entertained for a minute that powerful people might get together and have a plan.  It doesn’t happen.  You’re a kook…”

Look no further than George W. Bush after 911 when he said,  “Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories,” yet the Zionist press, who write the textbooks for our children to “learn” from never mention how his grandfather, Prescott Bush, was arrested during World War II for funding both sides of the war. Only the winners record the history…

Conspiracy Theory or Truth Theory?I could go on and on but I think you get the gist. Question everything including anything and everything on this website.  Listen to your gut and use your own discernment.  If you hear something outrageous, does it sound like it could possibly be the truth?

At the highest level of free masonry, they have a motto: “Ordo ab chao” which means “Order out of Chaos”.  Look around you. This has been the template for hundreds of years, if not thousands.

If you ever had a hunch or a gut reaction that something wasn’t the truth, then you are a conspiracy theorist as well! We have all been lied to at some point in our lives and have found out the truth through various sources. The word conspiracy is defined as “A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful” and/or “The action of plotting or conspiring”. Congratulations! There is absolutely nothing wrong with you! If you didn’t question everything, then you would be incredibly gullible which is what our world leaders want us to be.

Look no further than to President Obama who pledged transparency but refuses to release his college records and transcripts.  Is this a conspiracy?  You betcha!

During World War II, Hitler put fluoride in the drinking water to sedate the prisoners.  This is why we have fluoride in most of the drinking water in the United States.  This is also why many people choose not to question everything.  Were you aware that fluoride is the main ingredient in Prozac as well as in rat poison?  Did you know that fluoride is so toxic that if it were dumped in the ocean, it would kill everything in its proximity? Are you aware of where fluoride comes from? Do you still think fluoride is good for you? If your dentist thinks so, then he or she is a moron and is regurgitating what he or she was brainwashed to learn in Rockefeller’s universities.  Do your own research and find out the TRUTH.

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The bottom line is finding out the truth whether or not you are labeled as a conspiracy theorist or not.  Like Gandhi said, “Even if you are the minority of one, the truth is still the truth.”

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ONE Vision for Humanity


There is much discussion on the National ID issue today.  I feel that we as the Human race need to reevaluate our government’s motives behind ALL they do.  I AM asking that EVERYone, think for a moment back to George W.  He took advantage of his political power to our detriment!  I’ve read ALL the conspiracy theories, and the One point that continues to come to mind is as Stephen Colbert would say “truthiness” to it; we are being contained as a race in the FEAR of our own existence.  The ONE THING we ALL must agree on, is that NO politician has ANY of our needs in their heart.  They assume we will remain in ignorance to ALL they have to say and/or do; and won’t stand up for our place in the Light.  We cannot continue to blame the government solely when we continue to follow with Blind obedience.  We can NO longer wait for our fellow Human to fight that fight which is a battle for our humanity, and our existence in this reality.  If reality is what we think it is, than it is time we think in a LOVING and Compassionate manner toward ALL Humanity!  The creator is watching in quiet contemplation on the next plan for our planet;  I know until the day I draw my last breath, I will fight the good fight, without war and hatred in heart.   I believe we can ALL achieve Peace of Heart and Mind if we Unite in Loving harmony.

Egypt, as well as other countries on the planet, are falling in suit to the march against the perverted FEAR risen campaign against our VERY existence (see link below).  I have a unique perception and I know LOVE is the ONLY way to survive, throughout my illness (Chrone’s Disease) I have seen the very Best of humanity; as well as the EXTREME ugliness that greed an absolute power can spawn.  I AM sure that it is LOVE that has kept me alive this long; and feel strongly it will do the same for you.  Peace can NEVER be built upon the bloodshed of other Humans; in-as-much as there is ALWAYS innocent lives taken along with the Evil.  NO innocent bloodshed of ANY kind can be tolerated ANY longer!

I AM making a plea to ALL of Humanity, read ALL you can, ask questions, awaken, keep an open mind, and remember, there is much hidden.  We need to rekindle our Flame and take back our lives . . . subject those in power to the same scrutiny they place us under!  If you think you are fighting for religious reasons, read EVERYthing on that religion and that of your “enemies,” and note the similarities before you scream out in hatred against them.  Political world powers, must stop waging war . . . PERIOD!  Keep your heart Light and LOVE filled ALL the rest of your days, as much as we are the only One who really knows our heart, I AM sure the One Creator knows EXACTLY what you know.  Those who live by FEAR alone, must look to the Heavens, NOT for a way out, but for the LIGHT; and if we open our hearts to ALL, each new day becomes Brighter than One can ever imagine; even brighter than the day before.  LIVE and LOVE in the NOW which begins with the LOVE of Self.

As we have heard more than once; when we point a finger there are three pointing back at us.  So, I AM asking that ANYONE reading this; and ANYONE tired of being afraid ALL the time . . . open your Mind and Heart to another possibility.  One where we live together in Harmony as the Human Race, we NEED to try something NEW.  Repost, Retweet, rewrite (with same LOVE of intent), read, or Reblog this to ANYone who will listen.  Smile the next time someone catches your eye, and LOVE others as if they were your very OWN creation; isn’t that what we ALL are?  We are somebody’s child, mother, father, or sibling; we are ALL responsible in the procreation of Humanity, it is time to treat One another as such.

Here is a letter from my Alchemy instructor on Egypt I promised:

To learn more about how the planets affect you and how you are feeling, please go to Birth Charts HQ for your FULL personal chart interpretation, and let us move through this reality in peaceful harmony!  LOVE and Light in ALL you do, JoJo

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