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The Esoteric Meaning of Christmas and the Winter Solstice

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The Esoteric Meaning of Christmas and the Winter Solstice | in5d.com.

Before Humanity continually gets caught up into the debate on what to CALL Christmas, here is some interesting reading into the origins of the Holiday, and HOW it has changed over the years!  LOVE and Light in ALL you do and Merry Holidays whatever you choose to celebrate.  It has been proven that Jesus was NOT born on December 25th, he was truly born in August.


An Alchemical Thanksgiving Reflection

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First THANKsgiving . . . ❤

There is an abundance of things to be THANKful for this year, and let me begin by saying, I AM Thankful to be ALIVE!  Genuinely ecstatic with JOY at the fact that I AM still here after ALL the years of uncertainty due to a constant battle with Chrone’s Disease.

I AM THANKful for my children.  they have ALL grown up so beautifully, and though have stumbled along their way, I AM thankful to have played a part in their lives.  Anthony; my special boy . . . the first to call me MoMMy.  He entered my life in a time when I believed the doctor’s theory that I would NEVER have children of my own.  A big eyed, beautiful boy thought differently, and a bond was formed throughout eternity.  Gage, determined to be born, brought LIGHT into the world of so many everyday he has been alive, as well as the JOY he has brought to me.  Calyn, quickly arrived next, fragile yet strong in reserve, she brought LOVE and completed our family circle of five.

I could say so much more on the reasons I AM thankful for my children; some just cannot be put into words.  No matter how tough times may have gotten, or how dark they may have seemed.  Looking back I feel it is the Light of our LOVE that brought us through, stronger on the other-side.

I AM THANKful for my Ohana, as they complete the circle.  They are the Fuel that drives my Spirit to spectacular heights.  We have transmuted MUCH Karma together, over the years making it brighter than EVER before.

I AM THANKful for every Human on this planet Earth.  For ALL you do, knowing or otherwise, I revel that I AM a part in the collective consciousness of HUMANity!  This Thanksgiving, I send LOVE and Light, to everyone I can.  THANKS especially to those who have given their Lives in the pursuit of FREEdom, on EVERY level.  LOVE is in abundance this year and in this time, I AM THANKful to play a role.  A special THANKs to my readers, may your Lives be filled with ALL the LOVE and Light needed to Shine.

To see how the planets affect you in this amazing Aeon, please visit Birth Charts HQ for your personal cast chart and interpretation.  Let me guide you to your stars and your planets!