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A Word to Humanity with LOVE and Light

Fear....It's just a state of mind on Vimeo

Fear….It’s just a state of mind on Vimeo (Photo credit: Ralph Buckley)

Humanity needs to search inward when judging any other human. Just because we don’t agree, doesn’t mean either You or I are wrong/right.  We CAN differ on politics, religion, and 2012! This is the Beauty of being HUMAN!  The outright hatred, threats, and labeling is doing nothing for the Collective Unconscious, or Your OWN Enlightenment.

I CHOOSE to believe we are ONE, homosexuality is perfectly OK (and should be treated as such, even through marriage), religion-like art-is subjective (know WHOM You are praying, too and do YOUR research!), You can be both pro-life AND pro-choice (killing Doctors. bombing clinics, or bashing of mother’s in crisis, etc IS STILL taking life), and every circumstance may NOT be black and white; keep an Open Mind!

Above ALL, we should LOVE Unconditionally.  EveryONE, everything, and ALL that IS deserves nothing less than feeling Pure LOVE, as WE ourselves would like to be LOVED.

I wish You LOVE and Light on Your Journey, and Peace like no other! JoJo . . . .  Sending Special prayers  and LOVE for those victims of Hurricane Sandy and Winter Storm Athena.

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Michael and Amsa – Channeled by Ron Head


We bring you today a new visitor to these conversations.  May I please introduce Master Amsa.

Amsa is also known to you as Lao-Tse, and has had several other lives upon your planet.

Good day, dear friends.  If you are reading this, I assure you we have known each other at one time or another.  Michael has asked me to address you today for two reasons.  First, I am always direct and to the point, and second, I know from experience what it is like to be where you are today.

You are going through massive changes.  In addition to all of the things which I and others have had to undergo, you are also having to change your entire physical bodies.  This is no small task, yet you are doing it.  Yes, it is true that you are receiving infinite light and love from our Creator, and you are being sent love and aid from literally everywhere in the Universe; but it is also true that this would not be happening but for what you have managed to do for yourselves.

Now this brings me to the reason for my being here to speak plainly.  It is my purpose to tell you to awaken now to who you are and what you are.  You are each a creation of and a part of the Creator of All That Is, Source, I Am.  You are not, and never have been, beholden to nor less than any other.  You are a creator in your own right.  You have the right to be, to live, and to create whatever your heart desires.  You owe no other any more than your love, compassion, and respect.

If you look inside yourselves at this moment, you will find this being of whom I speak.  It does not take a great deal of deep thought or meditation.  Think with me.  What feeling comes rushing to the fore instantly when you are the subject of offensive behavior?  THAT person, that you, is the one of whom we speak.  You know, and have always known, that your true being is deserving of respect and love.

Now… I am not here to tell you to stand up and demand that from others.  I am here to tell you that the one person you need to receive that from is yourself.  Now, today, find a way to release forever all thoughts of unworthiness, of being undeserving, of being less than.  Acknowledge to yourself and accept that you are the loved and deserving creation of the Mother/Father God Creator of All That Is.  Banish all speech and thought from your life that would make you less than or unworthy of anything.

Do I sound stern?  I am trying to.  But I love you too much to, I suppose.  As I said, I have been where you stand today.  Every ascended one has had to pass this way.  These are not new things.  Perhaps that is why it is so difficult to grasp.  So I will say it in one more way and then leave you in peace.  You are not less than.  You are one with.  You are not less than.  You are one with.  Find that within you and rejoice in its truth.

I hope someday very soon to meet each of you and celebrate with you what you have accomplished.  Until then, go in peace and love.  Thank you for allowing me to speak.  Good day.

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via Michael and Amsa – Channeled by Ron Head.

LOVE and Light on Your Journey, JoJo

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David Wilcock 5-9-12…”Divine Intervention: ETs Defeating Old World Order”

Celestial numbers

Celestial numbers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

David Wilcock 5-9-12…”Divine Intervention: ETs Defeating Old World Order”.

Some interesting information for ALL you David Wilcock followers.  Time seems to be fast flying these days, as the Earth prepares for her journey through the Galactic Equator.  Can you feel the energy changes in your lives? Even though there is much speculation on exactly how ET’s are intervening; and to the side in which they MAY or may NOT be on.  I feel we should take each bit of new information, with a grain of salt . . . FEEL how this information resonates with YOU, and then make informed decisions.  DO YOUR RESEARCH!  Don’t take mine, or ANY other’s word in ANY matter . . . DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH, too.  You will begin to know what FEELS right and the rest will fall into place.

Something major is on the horizon, it is time we prepared for whatever that may be.  LOVE One another UNCONDITIONALLY, let us put our differences aside and greet the shift with eyes and arms WIDE open.  We have to take responsibility for our own lives, and STOP blaming others for our own shortcomings.  Understanding, compassion, and LOVE can conquer ANYthing.  Are you up to the test?

I humbly thank those ET’s, and gratefully accept their help on a grander scale; however, it is ultimately up to each and every ONE of us to do our part . . . we ALL have our role.  LIVE it and LOVE it to the fullest.  Enjoy the read, and LOVE and Light on your Journey . . . .

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