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LOVE and Light on this 11/11/11


Much LOVE and Light to my fellow light bearers of the world.  This is a very poignant day in the transformation of Mother Earth and our own Spirituality.  This is the time to put differences aside and reach for that inner light in each of us.  LOVE is contagious and can perform miracles on the body, Mind, and the Spirit.  I AM a living example of LOVE healing.  We are capable of so much more than we ever thought possible!  NOW is the time to realize our truest potential and open our minds and hearts to ALL that is to come.  We have chosen to be born in this spectacular time, and we should take the lessons life has taught us thus far, and use them to strengthen our reserve.

In this moment I know I AM LOVING to the best of my ability, and even though sometimes, life saddens me . . . when others take lives and serve hidden agendas based on lies and deceit.  But I know LOVE will always shine farthest and brightest.  Light can find its way into anything and everything.  Just as in the Emerald Tablet of Thoth has stated: “. . . It is the greatest Force of all powers, because it overcomes every Subtle thing and penetrates every Solid thing. . .”  LOVE will see us through, and color IS an illusion.

May ALL your dreams and realities manifest as much LOVE and Light as needed, and for those of you interested in a custom cast Birth Chart, visit me at Birth Charts HQ for your FULL interpretation.


Crystalline Angelic Beings of LIGHT are We!

Inner Light…!!! / Lumière intérieure…!!!

Image by Denis Collette...!!! via Flickr

Something New I remind myself of everyday . . . not that I don’t lash out in the moment, or sometimes Cry for the children of humanity . . . but, that I know we WILL survive the shift into the 5th dimension.  For ONE, they underestimated my own stay power; my own capacity to open my heart and minds to ALL things unimaginable!  I have been ill most of my life with Chrone’s Disease, and it has put those that care about me in some very emotional tailspins.

Many think that I was too “out of it” to remember ALL of the amazing things they have done for me over the years.  Thing is, I remember EVERY soul, conversation, human, sign, and selfless act anyone has ever done for me and my Ohana.  I remember the smiles and the tears of each entity (Human) that has come through my life.

I still truly believe in Humanity’s goodness and inner light; even the darkest soul was born into the Light!  I AM not much for original sin as it has been portrayed.  It’s a bit ironic that it took an episode of Supernatural to remind of this, and what actually IS.  Let me elaborate a bit . . . .

Osiris, a god of Justice . . . a being whom weighs the Souls of Humanity to a feather . . . to a determined fate.  Truth is . . . he was NOT judging them, he was only weighing the guilt of the Judged against that feather.  So, you see, we determine our own Fate, no extra-dimensional or extra-terrestrial can actually do this unless we allow it!  No false or idolized god, we . . . the Crystalline Angelic Beings of LIGHT and LOVE decide our own Fate everyday.  It is our guilt and lack of self LOVE that determines our fate and/or our destiny.

I feel we need to do a bit more INTROspection, and truly come to terms with the Light of Self LOVE.  It is easy to say we LOVE Unconditionally; however, is it truly possible without LOVE of Self?  I HOPE everyone who reads this feels as much LOVE for themselves as I feel for them at this moment.  It has kept me alive this long; and especially with the LOVE and devotion of my own Ohana (Family) . . . I thank EVERY Child of the Light and otherwise that has helped me along my journey.  Even though I have a while to travel; I will cherish EVERY moment we have shared along the way!  I revel that I will make and meet MANY others as we march into a glorious future as ONE . . . .

LOVE and Light in ALL you do, Dear Sisters and Brothers.

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