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John F Kennedy Warned Us . . . .


Take a moment to listen to President Kennedy as he warns us against secret societies:

I have been getting some negative feedback on my New World Order posts.  Good, I AM glad to hear I AM doing my job.  Once read or heard, it is VERY hard to remove the questions from our minds.  I would LOVE it if we were ALL singing the same tune on that which is actually happening to Humanity and the planet.  Aliens or Demons, doesn’t really much matter to me . . . something is definitely gone wrong with our connection to planet Earth!   There are those people whom believe that they are shielded from the atrocities of government; however, for HOW long will this be the case?  Look around you, and please don’t wait until it is too late to get involved.  Speak up NOW!  I AM beginning the next presidential term with a vote for Ron Paul; he is the ONLY candidate I feel has the American people’s best interest void of interest groups!  LOVE and Light, and this is just my feelings on the subject.  What are yours?