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A Thought On This LIfe~ReBlogged

Cesare Beccaria (1738 - 1794) was one of the g...

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There is so much debate on God v. Terrestrial Beings.  This is the way in which I have chosen to view this subject . . . I would much rather believe that there are those taken over by Reptilian EXTRA-dimensional beings; those which care NOTHING for Humanity and ALL their wonder.  Beings that feel they are superior to WE the People, and feel they are above our Humanity.  I CHOOSE to believe HUMANITY is a light born being, incapable of such treacheries on ONE another; without interference of a soulless being.  This applies to politicians, musicians, or anyone else buying into the NEW World Order.  It is time that WE the People of the HUMAN race join forces against the FEAR that has been instilled into us from our earliest years; and move in LOVING Harmony toward the common, and LONG overdue goal of personal Enlightenment and the Peace that comes from within ONE’s Self.

It has taken me many years of personal Transmutation of OLD ideologies to come to this conclusion; and as ALL is continuously changing moment to moment, these IDEAS will grow to meet the changing demands of this continuously changing reality.  This being said, I feel it is possible to reGAIN our Humanity; even after past transgressions on the Collective Unconsciousness; ONLY through complete and UNSELFISH LOVE of ONE another!

Some might argue, that we NEED someone telling us HOW to behave.  I feel this is UNtrue to the Core of our Being.  We know right from wrong, we know HOW to LOVE, and we continue to make excuses for Our BAD behavior as a collective.  We label everyONE and Everything; without much attention to our own shortcomings.  We hide behind our BLIND Faith in those in charge and we are killing ONE another with this BLIND Obedience; whether to our religious “leaders” or the politicians WE elect.

The Pope is NO Voice of God in this material realm; as the GOD most religions boast about, ONE I would choose to follow . . . would be that in which St. Issa spoke of in the missing years.  The SOUL searching years the Bible has omitted.  Yes, the Bible has its stories to tell us; YET MOST of us are unaware that the Bible we read today was AGREED upon by those who think we cannot handle the complete unadulterated TRUTH of the omitted text.  We should ask questions, OPEN our eyes, and find LOVE for those we fear the most, as I AM sure those we FEAR the Most are just as FEARful in their realities.  An OPEN Mind and heart is the way to begin.  Change IS on the horizon . . . and I for ONE have seen the Light, it is my HOPE that many more follow, as it is the ONLY way we will ever TRUly be FREE to live in Harmony in the ALL we call Life.

LOVE and Light to ALL my HUMAN brethren . . . Don NOT let the Fear and Darkness enter into your Hearts and LOVE will lift us to the ONE and the Light.

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Naassene Song

Infant Jesus and John the Baptist, Museo del Prado

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Dual Flames

LOVE and LIGHT!  Those in search of the TRUTH, should keep an open mind and  heart, the Light will find you.

The law of cosmic genesis was the firstborn mind,

and after the firstborn came confused chaos.

The third place in this law fell to the soul

who was clad only in the shape of a red deer in a watery form, 

and she is worn away in the slavery of death.

Sometimes she gains mastery and glimpses light,

or she plunges into evil misery and weeps.

Sometimes she is mourned and is happy,

or she weeps and is condemned.

Then she is judged and finally dies.

Sometimes she is misled down a labyrinth of evils,

trapped in a corner and with no way out.

Jesus said, Look, father, she is wandering the earth

and evil is trying to catch her.

She is wandering far from your breath.

She is trying to flee bitter chaos and knows no escape.

0 father, send me to her.

1 will descend, carrying the seals.

I will wander through all the aeons and uncover all mysteries.

I will disclose the forms of the gods.

And I will teach the secrets of the holy way,

whose name is gnosis.

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Levi Comes To Mary’s Defense

Zosimas of Palestine

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From the Gospel according to Mary of Magdalene:

Then Mary wept and said to Peter, “My brother, Peter, what do you think?  Do you think I concocted this in my heart or I am lying about the savior?”  Levi answered, saying to Peter, “Peter, you are always angry.

Now I see you contending against this woman as if against an adversary.

If the savior made her worthy, who are you to reject her?  Surely the savior knows her very well.  That is why he loved her more than us. We should be ashamed and put on the perfect person and be with him as he commanded us, and we should preach the gospel, without making any rule or law other than what the savior said.”  When Levi said these things, they began to go out to proclaim and to preach.

You can read more on the life of Mary in Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine: Jesus’ Lost Teachings on Woman, and about the missing years in The Lost Years of Jesus: Documentary Evidence of Jesus’ 17-Year Journey to the East.

Another example of the Wisdom from Mary, omitted from many “accepted” versions of the bible today.  Women are just as important as are men; and it wasn’t until later when changes were made and the Bible shortened with ALL its omissions.  Thus, happening as well when leaving out 17 IMPORTANT years of the life of Issa.   I feel anyone seeking Truth can be found in the Gospels of Mary and the Gospels of Thomas.  LOVE and Light!

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The Law of ONE


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As Hermes never tires of telling us, over and over, over and over:  the One Thing and the One Mind are One.  He means that mind and body, Soul and Spirit, male and female, positive and negative, Above and Below, are all One.  All sexes, all races, all species, all life is One.  All life, all death; all heroes, all villains; all angels, all demons; all gods, all devils are ONE.  Unless you find this One within you ¾ what the alchemists called the Stone ¾ you cannot escape the continual dance of becoming that is duality, even for an instant.

That is the message of the Ouroboros. That “All Is One” is the basis of the alchemical principle of changing one thing into another, and alchemical transformation would not be possible unless everything were really One.~Alchemy Guild

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The Day of Limit Pushers


Those born on June 11 have the courage to push beyond boundaries imposed by either society or Nature. Their will to overcome, to go one step further, to break out of limitation is marked. Therefore, those born on this day may be called expansive and somewhat aggressive personalities.
In order to overcome limitations, however, one must recognize them for what they are. To this end, successful June 11 people are students, even scientists, well-versed in their field or specialties.

Those born on the 11th of ANY month are ruled by the number 2 (1+1=2), and by the Moon. Those ruled by the number 2 often make good co-workers, partners, or team players; and the explorative Nature of June 11 people may well be tied in with the concerns of their family, work, or Social Networks. June 11 imaginative powers are enhanced by the influence of the Moon, which also conveys strongly reflective and passive tendencies. The number 11 lend sensitivity for the physical plane of reality; which complements well the mental concentration of the sign Gemini (ruled by Mercury)

The 11th card of the Major Arcana is Justice, a serene seated woman bolding the scales in one hand and a sword in the other. She reminds us of the order of the Universe and that balance and harmony will be maintained in our lives as long as we continue on our path. The positive aspects of this card are integrity, fairness, honesty, and discipline. The more negative traits are low initiative, impersonality, fear of innovation, and grievances.

Daily Meditation:
In his arrogance, man thinks he is capable of destroying Nature . . . .

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A Warning to False Alchemists


(An alchemical poem by Thomas Rawlin, London, 1611)

All Things from One, and to One.
In the Center Truth, in the Circumference Vanity.
A Magical Enigma!
The omnipotent God in the rotten Mass,
as it were in a Chaos to be despised,
to us Mortals has left all things,
yet they in the Nature of Things are but one.
It is a Mass of Dust, a despicable Thing;
a Fire, an Aquasity; a most amiable Fountain;
it is neither a Stout Captain, nor invincible;
when it is not drawn out of its Cradle.
It is an old Man; it is an Infant; the Lord of all;
it is the red Servant, contrary to the King;
it is the green Lyon; something more sublime
than the King, or Subjects; but fugitive.
It flies, and attracts; the Virgin obeyeth not,
unless the Father provoke her with Many Goads;
then she follows, and much demands
a Husbands company, with whom she cohabits.
She is covered and impregnated with the Embrace,
a clear Water is evacuated out of her Heart
with Blood, wherewith she is raised up,
now dying as it were, and is recreated.
Things bright and clear being so obtained,
the King and Queen being begot together,
being put presently in the Secret Prison,
feed them with heavenly Dew; not Wat’ry things.
Being Dead at length, the Spirit flies away,
washes and purifies the Soul and the Body.
Then a more intense Fire always perpetuates
with a cold Fire; it volatilizes not.
Now no Error follows in the Work,
burn all with a very strong Fire,
bring out at length the Blood, the Soul
after the White King: Then thrice imbibe.
The King being thus known, the Body is the Soul,
and fixt, and permanent, although like Wax;
the Color is not an Accident; but a Substance
reigning in all, with the highest Glory.
Glory to God alone, the Three-In-One.

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The Day of Laughter and Sadness


For people born on June 10th, life clearly has its ups and downs. Sometimes it is likely that when this person is pushed to desperation that they become the most gutsy. One could say that June 10th people aren’t afraid of ANYthing because they are afraid of EVERYthing; indeed, they often take tremendous chances trying to bring resolution to dilemmas. They may seem happy-go-lucky, or at the least bittersweet, but if one scratches below the surface a bit, there can be a darker side to their lives.

Those born on the 10th of ANY month are ruled by the number 1 (1+0=1), and by the Sun. People born into the number 1, generally like to be first in what they do; the Sun tends to grand a warm and well-developed ego, with a distinctly human, positive orientation to life. Those ruled by the number 1 have firmly individual views on most subjects and can be quite obstinate. While Extremely Stubborn, June 10th People often manage to appear tractable (Gemini is a mutable air sign). The joint influence of the Sun and Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) gives June 10th people a mental boost. Those ruled by the number 1 tend to be ambitious, but June 10 people often manifest this drive subtly, directing others from behind the scenes.

The 10th card of the Major Arcana is The Wheel of Fortune, which signifies a reversal in fortune and teaches that there is nothing permanent except change. The Wheel indicates ups and downs, wins and losses, successes and failures in life. Those ruled by the number 1 and 10 focus on seizing opportunities; acting at just the right moment is the key to their success. The accompanying glaring successes and failures associated with the Wheel of Fortune, teaches NO success or failure is permanent.

Daily Meditation:
You can ALWAYS tell Artists–they do their work EVERY day whether they get paid or not . . . .

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The One ~ Secret Book of John


I asked if I might understand this, and it said to me, The One is a sovereign that has nothing over it. It is god and father of all, the invisible one that is over all, that is incorruptible, that is pure light at which no eye can gaze.

The One is the invisible spirit. We should not think of it as a god or like a god. For it is greater than a god, because it has nothing over it and no lord above it. It does not exist within anything inferior to it, since everything exists within it alone. It is eternal, since it does not need anything. For it is absolutely complete. It has never lacked anything in order to be completed by it. Rather, it is always absolutely complete in light. The One is illimitable, since there is nothing before it to limit it, unfathomable, since there is nothing before it to fathom it, immeasurable, since there was nothing before it to measure it, invisible, since nothing has seen it, eternal, since it exists eternally, unutterable, since nothing could comprehend it to utter it, unnamable, since there is nothing before it to give it a name.

The One is the immeasurable light, pure, holy, immaculate. The One is unutterable and is perfect in incorruptibility. Not that it is part of perfection or blessedness or divinity: it is much greater.

The One is not corporeal and is not incorporeal.

The One is not large and is not small.

It is impossible to say, “How much is it? or What kind is it?” For no one can understand it.

The One is not among the things that exist, but it is much greater. Not that it is greater.

Rather, as it is in itself, it is not a part of the eternal realms or of time. For whatever is part of a realm was once prepared by another. Time was not allotted to it, since it receives nothing from anyone: what would be received would be on loan. The one who is first does not need to receive anything from another. Such a one beholds itself in its light.

The One is majestic and has an immeasurable purity. The One is a realm that gives a realm, life that gives life, a blessed one that gives blessedness, knowledge that gives knowledge, a good one that gives goodness, mercy that gives mercy and redemption, grace that gives grace. Not as if the One possesses all this. Rather, it is that the One gives immeasurable and incomprehensible light.

What shall I tell you about it? Its eternal realm is incorruptible, at peace, dwelling in silence, at rest, before everything. It is the head of all realms, and it sustains them through its goodness. We would not know what is ineffable, we would not understand what is
immeasurable, were it not for what has come from the father. This is the one who has told these things to us alone.

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Q 6:20-31


St. IssaAs a Jewish teacher, Jesus announces the presence of the reign or kingdom
of god, and he does so with aphorisms and stories (usually termed parables).
Q 6:20-31 (from Luke’s sermon on the plain and Matthew’s sermon on the
illustrates how Jesus speaks in this sayings gospel:

Blessings on you the poor,
for the kingdom of god is yours.
Blessings on you who are hungry,
for you will eat well.
Blessings on you who grieve,
for you will be comforted.
Blessings on you
when they insult you
and oppress you
and tell all kinds of evil about you
because of the human child.
Rejoice and be glad,
for your reward is great in heaven.
For this is how they oppressed the prophets
who came before you.
Love your enemies,
and pray for those who oppress you,
that you may be children of your father,
for he makes the sun rise on the evil and the good,
and makes it rain on the just and the unjust.
If someone slaps you on one cheek,
offer the other also.
If someone wants to sue you and take your shirt,
let the person have your coat also.
And if someone compels you to go one mile,
go with the person a second mile.
Give to one who begs from you,
and if someone borrows from you,
do not ask for it back.
And treat people the way you want people to treat you.

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The Day of Mental Insistence


Those born on June 9th can display signs of a duality in being they can be forceful individuals; and yet curiously passive at other times. Manifesting in some areas of life as showing strong and determined qualities; and again, surprisingly reluctant to act. They may be forceful and decisive at work, or the reverse showing less ambition at times. It is a quality that people close to them cannot themselves understand fully. As far as Ideas, June 9th is solid, and do NOT trade beliefs easily.

Those born on the 9th of ANY month are ruled by the number 9 and by the planet Mars. The number 9 is powerful in its influence on other numbers, and June 9 people are similarly able to influence those around them any number added to 9 yields that same number, and any number multiplied by 9 equals 9 e.g. 5+9=14 1+4=5 or 9X5=45 4+5=9). The planet Mars is forceful and posits male energy; June women in particular may strike others as overly aggressive (underlined by the speediness of Mercury, Gemini’s Ruler).

The 9th card of the Major Arcana is The Hermit, who walks carrying a lantern and a stick; he represents meditation, isolation, and silence. The care signifies crystallized wisdom and ultimate discipline. The Hermit is a taskmaster who uses conscience to keep others on their path. The Positive side of this card is stick-to-it-iveness, purpose, profundity, and concentration; negative meaning include dogmatism, intolerance, mistrust, and discouragement. The Hermit should remind June 9 people of the need for periodic self-examination with an eye toward the integration mentioned above

If Death is the schoolmaster, then LIFE is our homework . . . .
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