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English: Neural Correlates Of Consciousness

English: Neural Correlates Of Consciousness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saul 8-1-12.


Your awakening will allow you to interact fully with all of creation

We are all one – there is no separation. Your human perception of individuality is caused by the severely limited state of consciousness that you experience, and this makes it extremely difficult for you to perceive very much at all. As individuals, you engage in apparently separate disciplines, areas of interest, of study, of entertainment, of activity, etc. which further emphasize your sense of separation and hide from you the all-encompassing oneness that is your original and eternal state of existence. Your awakening will remove those severe limitations, allowing you to interact fully with all of creation and to offer all your diverse skills and talents to enhance God’s ongoing creative enterprise, in which all participate gloriously and harmoniously.

Because of your presently limited state of consciousness, you have only a very slight awareness of your skills and talents as you use them to earn your living or to entertain yourselves, but you are all extremely talented and creative beings, and this will become apparent and will delight you when the illusion dissolves and you are once more able to access the infinite knowledge of the divine realms. To fully partner with God in your creative endeavors is, and always has been, your destiny, and you are shortly to engage with it.

Your destiny is your natural state, the state in which God created you as eternal beings always at one with Him. You have never left it; it just seems that you have, and your present ongoing life experience is a distraction – an extremely powerful and enticing one – with which you engage continuously through your bodies and all their senses. Yes, your bodies are powerful, distracting attention-grabbers, and that includes your thought processes and emotions; and it is very difficult for you to withdraw your focus from them for very long because they always seem to have needs requiring your attention – food, drink, exercise, sleep, entertainment, worry, competing, winning, etc.

Meditation, quiet relaxation, feeling the earth, the trees, enjoying the beauty of a view or the sunset can help you reach a “non-ordinary” state of consciousness, where the pressures of living in a body can be greatly reduced to the extent that you can become momentarily unaware of it. When that happens, you experience a sense of sublime peace. Most of you have at some time had an experience like this, and you never forget it. For some it is very intense, for others just an extremely peaceful release from the stress of daily living, but it is unforgettable. It is a veiled glimpse of Reality that you would love to experience more frequently and easily, and yet it seems to elude you no matter how hard you try to re-experience it. And of course the trick is not to try, and that too is very difficult. Once experienced, you cannot help yearning for it and looking for it whenever you think that you are close to that inner place in which it occurred.

But of course a non-ordinary state of consciousness is really an extremely ordinary state! It is just that because of the distractions of the illusion it is very rarely experienced. The illusion is an all-encompassing environment that demands your constant attention. The thing is that you do not have to respond to those demands. It is incumbent on you to be aware of them, but then you must decide whether or not to comply with them. That is what free will is all about.

Far too frequently your ego succeeds in convincing you that as you live in this world it would be foolish, even insane, not to cooperate with it fully – you need to earn your living, sort out your relationships, attend to your children, keep your body in good shape, take out health insurance, not make yourself look a total idiot by trying to be honest in a dishonest world – and its reasoning seems so reasonable. But, deep within yourselves you sense that something about this reasoning is seriously amiss — and you are correct.

Everyone experiences dissatisfaction with human existence, and yet you often reason that this is the human condition. But that does not ease your dissatisfaction. You may bury it as you actively work very hard at playing out the hand that you have been dealt. Nevertheless, deep within you there is a sense of anxiety, a sense that you are missing out on something, that there must “please God!” be more to life than this endless struggle to survive. Others do not seem to suffer from this angst, so you dare not discuss it with anyone, and you just soldier on.

That inner yearning is your divine wake-up call. It is not a psychotic threat to your sanity. But because you all experience life as separated, individual, you cannot see how others feel, and you worry that you are horribly different from all those basically normal people you see all around you. And when you see someone trapped in some sort of addiction, or homeless on the streets, it confirms for you that the world is a very dangerous place and that you must conform or sink. So you keep your angst to yourselves, as a closely guarded secret.

Yes, some of you may enter psychotherapy in the hope of achieving some kind of relief, but you are also aware of people who have spent years in therapy with no obviously beneficial results – they just keep changing therapists – unless they are lucky enough to find someone who is open to deeper discussions of their issues and who will look at them from a spiritual standpoint.

So that angst, that dissatisfaction, is your intuition attempting to make contact with you by distracting you from the distractions of the illusion. It feels like an inner conflict between “shoulds,” as part of you feels honor bound to do them and part of you wants freedom from doing them. It is very confusing for you.

Keep reminding yourselves that these feelings are to encourage you to spend time quietly, alone, without distractions (phone, TV, children, spouses), when you make a point of not focusing on the anxieties and worries of daily life (it can help to play some soothing music quietly in the background), and just let go! Maybe you will weep, maybe you will laugh, or maybe nothing will apparently occur, but by allowing yourself that time, and by thus honoring yourself, even if only for five minutes during the day, you will strengthen your self-esteem, your God-given right to be yourself (after all, who else can you be?), and in those minutes your heart will open to accept the constantly offered gift of God’s Love for you – and you will feel it as a moment of peace or of self-validation.

You owe yourself that personal, private space every day, because it is where you can find the peace and the stillness you need to strengthen your ability to hold the Light and allow it to burn ever more brightly within you. You are all bright jewels, piercing through the gloom and despondency of the illusion, and showing the way towards awakening. This is your duty and your joy as the divine way-showers that you are, and by making time for yourselves daily, you will experience that joy and know you are on your path doing precisely what you incarnated to do.

Others may well try to dissuade you from offering love, compassion, and honesty indiscriminately in every situation. But you know, deep within yourselves, that this is your path, and that just by living it and demonstrating it you are changing the whole world!

With so very much love, Saul.

By John Smallman ~~ 8-1-12

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Why First Contact Now?

Here’s a 5 minute video excerpt from Sheldan Nidle’s Webinar 24: A Heart to Heart Talk with the Galactic Federation. Enjoy!

Why First Contact Now

Why First Contact Now

Truly a time of great joy is approaching


I concur, NOW AL we need to do is stay true to ourselves, as well as those around us. We cannot let FEAR dictate our behavior and remember, we are ALL One! LOVE and Light!

Johnsmallman's Blog

As time rolls rapidly onwards in the illusion many events of enormous significance continue to occur all over the world as the changes that are essential for your well-being are put into effect.  The non-mainstream media news channels are giving you brief, uplifting glimpses of what is going on, but when the true nature and extent of what is happening becomes widely known, your delight and amazement will inspire you with unbounded happiness.

The process of humanity’s long-sought and hoped-for awakening is proceeding apace as the realization dawns on more and more of you that loving kindness, gentleness, and compassion are the attributes that will allow and enable resolution of problems and disagreements far more effectively, appropriately, and satisfactorily than the resolute inflexibility, disdain, and righteousness that have been the favored methods of negotiation for so long.  It has been shown conclusively, time after time, that agreements made in anger…

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ONE Vision for Humanity


There is much discussion on the National ID issue today.  I feel that we as the Human race need to reevaluate our government’s motives behind ALL they do.  I AM asking that EVERYone, think for a moment back to George W.  He took advantage of his political power to our detriment!  I’ve read ALL the conspiracy theories, and the One point that continues to come to mind is as Stephen Colbert would say “truthiness” to it; we are being contained as a race in the FEAR of our own existence.  The ONE THING we ALL must agree on, is that NO politician has ANY of our needs in their heart.  They assume we will remain in ignorance to ALL they have to say and/or do; and won’t stand up for our place in the Light.  We cannot continue to blame the government solely when we continue to follow with Blind obedience.  We can NO longer wait for our fellow Human to fight that fight which is a battle for our humanity, and our existence in this reality.  If reality is what we think it is, than it is time we think in a LOVING and Compassionate manner toward ALL Humanity!  The creator is watching in quiet contemplation on the next plan for our planet;  I know until the day I draw my last breath, I will fight the good fight, without war and hatred in heart.   I believe we can ALL achieve Peace of Heart and Mind if we Unite in Loving harmony.

Egypt, as well as other countries on the planet, are falling in suit to the march against the perverted FEAR risen campaign against our VERY existence (see link below).  I have a unique perception and I know LOVE is the ONLY way to survive, throughout my illness (Chrone’s Disease) I have seen the very Best of humanity; as well as the EXTREME ugliness that greed an absolute power can spawn.  I AM sure that it is LOVE that has kept me alive this long; and feel strongly it will do the same for you.  Peace can NEVER be built upon the bloodshed of other Humans; in-as-much as there is ALWAYS innocent lives taken along with the Evil.  NO innocent bloodshed of ANY kind can be tolerated ANY longer!

I AM making a plea to ALL of Humanity, read ALL you can, ask questions, awaken, keep an open mind, and remember, there is much hidden.  We need to rekindle our Flame and take back our lives . . . subject those in power to the same scrutiny they place us under!  If you think you are fighting for religious reasons, read EVERYthing on that religion and that of your “enemies,” and note the similarities before you scream out in hatred against them.  Political world powers, must stop waging war . . . PERIOD!  Keep your heart Light and LOVE filled ALL the rest of your days, as much as we are the only One who really knows our heart, I AM sure the One Creator knows EXACTLY what you know.  Those who live by FEAR alone, must look to the Heavens, NOT for a way out, but for the LIGHT; and if we open our hearts to ALL, each new day becomes Brighter than One can ever imagine; even brighter than the day before.  LIVE and LOVE in the NOW which begins with the LOVE of Self.

As we have heard more than once; when we point a finger there are three pointing back at us.  So, I AM asking that ANYONE reading this; and ANYONE tired of being afraid ALL the time . . . open your Mind and Heart to another possibility.  One where we live together in Harmony as the Human Race, we NEED to try something NEW.  Repost, Retweet, rewrite (with same LOVE of intent), read, or Reblog this to ANYone who will listen.  Smile the next time someone catches your eye, and LOVE others as if they were your very OWN creation; isn’t that what we ALL are?  We are somebody’s child, mother, father, or sibling; we are ALL responsible in the procreation of Humanity, it is time to treat One another as such.

Here is a letter from my Alchemy instructor on Egypt I promised:

To learn more about how the planets affect you and how you are feeling, please go to Birth Charts HQ for your FULL personal chart interpretation, and let us move through this reality in peaceful harmony!  LOVE and Light in ALL you do, JoJo

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