JoJo was introduced to Astrology 18 years ago by her Aunt Lynne. At that time JoJo was unaware of the power that the planets have on life. She remembers being excited to learn that her son’s moon was in her sign, and that her daughter’s moon was in her husband’s sign. This knowledge motivated JoJo to begin her education in Astrology. A new light of possibilities opened up to her after reading Linda Goodman‘s book Linda Goodman’s Star Signs.  She began studying everything she could about Astrology; all the while witnessing how much it affected her life. JoJo cast and calculated her first chart by hand and realized how interwoven her families signs are. This discovery explained how each of them interact with each other on deeper levels. She has spent 15 years casting charts by hand in her continuous education of Astrology.

JoJo’s dream is to pass on her wisdom and help individuals reach their true full potential as they were cast in the stars long ago. Technology has given JoJo the ability to make connections and pass on the wisdom she has gained to you. She is positive that everyone will find something new and exciting in their chart, and give them a new perspective on life.

JoJo is a student of the Master Alchemy Program under the Alchemy Guild’s guidance. She began her studies under Mr. Dennis William Hauck, author of the book The Emerald Tablet: Alchemy of Personal Transformation, and continues her studies under Mr. Alex Hayden. JoJo believes that Alchemy of the soul is a continuous work in progress and is dedicated to continuing her work with the Guild and helping others search for enlightenment.

JoJo’s interest and education has branched out to other Occult Sciences in an effort to continue seeking out various truths. JoJo’s goal is to keep her eyes open to the world around her, and help others discover their potential as participants in the macrocosm we call the universe.

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  1. Hi JoJo-
    Thanks for the reblog today. Was re-reading this page and was wondering if you could recommend a book that covers relationships based on rising signs. I’ve recently learned that my daughter has Sag as her ascendent (Pisces sun /Aq moon) and I’m a Pisces ascendent (Sag sun/Aq moon). I’m starting to get curious like you did.

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