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2012 in review


The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 14,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 3 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

Thanks for ALL the support in 2012 I cannot wait to work with your through 2013 and beyond.

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GVR – Drake Mid-Week Update – PREEMPTIVE PREPAREDNESS 06/27 by Global Voice 2012 Radio | Blog Talk Radio

Kalachakra thangka painted in Sera Monastery, ...

Kalachakra thangka painted in Sera Monastery, Tibet, (private collection), (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is the latest update from Cobra and Drake.  I AM not sure exactly when this MASS Arrest is supposed to happen;  I do know there are many differing opinions.  Again, everything we hear and read should be taken for HOW it rings within YOU, the reader.  I cannot keep stressing enough, how important it is to discern for yourselves the interpolated truths of the masses.  We KNOW instinctively when something isn’t just.  As for the Cabal, and the Dark Fear based energies around the planet.  I feel there time here has come to an end, the Secret is out, and there is NO longer anywhere to hide.  Light is HERE to brighten EVERY corner of the Human Spirit; Our veil is being lifted and we are emerging stronger, for ALL that we have endured.  We are ONE and We are LOVE; the Human spirit knows NO bounds.  Enjoy the update, and remember continue the conversation . . . LOVE and Light on Your Journey

GVR – Drake Mid-Week Update – PREEMPTIVE PREPAREDNESS 06/27 by Global Voice 2012 Radio | Blog Talk Radio.

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Esoteric lessons hoard revealed.

The Alchemist Discovering Phosphorus or The Al...

The Alchemist Discovering Phosphorus or The Alchemist in Search of the Philosophers Stone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Esoteric lessons hoard revealed..

Thanks to Otove the Newest addition to my top blogging sites.  He begins:

Books books books! Every once in a while, someone’s silent labour is uncovered, as though a rejected cornerstone had been unearthed for all to see. In this case it is esoteric knowledge, compiled, distilled and ordered for a few initiates, and  briefly for us all . . . .

There is a list of places to visit with a plethora of Esoteric Knowledge.  I AM sure my fellow Alchemists may find some  information useful  in their journey to find the Philosopher’s Stone . . . . LOVE and Light in ALL You do, JoJo

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The Emerald Tablets of Thoth


The individual chapters in The Emerald Tablet can be found at the link below:

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth | in5d.com | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database.

العربية: Deutsch: Alle Pyramiden von Gizeh auf...

العربية: Deutsch: Alle Pyramiden von Gizeh auf einem Bild. English: All Giza Pyramids in one shot. Русский: Все пирамиды Гизы на изображении. Español: Las Pirámides de Guiza (Egipto). Français : Les Pyramides de Gizeh (Egypte). Català: Les Piràmides de Giza, a Egipte. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many forms of religion and spiritual practices begin with The Emerald Tablet of Thoth.  Many Alchemist’s suggest that we take the first plate and after pondering its meaning for ourselves, we rewrite the cover of the tablet in a way which vibrate to us as an individual.  Since our world is changing quickly these days, I feel it is important to understand HOW and WHY everything REALLY manifests into being; and how WE the Beings of Light play an important part in the transformation of the Universe and planet Earth.  Enjoy the Read, and MUCH LOVE and Light on your Journey . . . .

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Join Our Censorship Protest! Citizen’s Against SOPA and PIPA

Love ? I love love love you.

LOVE and Light

Well, here is another attempt of the Shadow Government trying to stop the awakening of Humanity.  Unfortunately, we have already tipped the scales into the higher vibration.  It is evident that this has forced the 1%, the Secret Societies, the people with money, and the Government to speed up their time tables.  They cannot break us, they cannot take our Spirit any longer, for WE are too numerous to fail.  We are LOVE, Truth, and connected to One another in a way NO politician can break apart.  WE are ONE in the Light and in LOVE.

Spread the word, oppose SOPA and PIPA and ALL the New World Order has to offer us.  They are the deceivers of Truth, Justice, and the Human condition; and they FEAR us MORE than we fear them.  So spread the word, share the truth, and stand strong in knowing that we WILL continue on through our chosen destinies and the Universe will provide for those of us, whom understand the meaning of empathy and Love.  We Live for our Freedom and our Independence.  Follow your heart and remember we are ALL in this together.  What does NOT affect you today, may Tomorrow and we should be prepared for ALL that is to come.

I for One revel in the fact that the NWO will have NO place in the dimensional shift taking place, and ALL that cannot attune themselves with the vibratory frequencies of LOVE and Light for ALL of Humanity (they know who they are), will be sent back to the darkness from which they came . . . NEVER to be heard of again.

LOVE and Light in this Amazing Time, and continue to transmute the negative energies instilled by the dark ones; they have NO where to go but down.

Join Our Censorship Protest!. OPPOSE SOPA and PIPA Today!

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What We Should Expect From The 2012 Pole Shift


I feel it is again necessary to remind my readers how important changing ourselves from within truly is.  NO matter what is to come, we have to remain calm and remember we are children of LOVE and Light.  Do unto others should be embedded into our psyche.  Begin by turning within and LOVE yourselves, forgive yourselves, and remember it is our own guilt that can be our biggest detriment.  We need to add to the collective unconscious KNOWing we are ALL One . . . race, religion, and culture are still FEAR based ideas to keep us in the lower vibratory realms.  If we remember, it is as simple as that!  LOVE unconditionally to the fullest, and Mother Earth will take care of the rest.

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Mythology is Technology: The MythoTechnics Vision by Willi Paul, openmythsource.com


Mythology is Technology: The MythoTechnics Vision by Willi Paul, openmythsource.com.

Polar Shift and Karmic Balance


What should we expect WHEN the poles finish their shift; and Magnetic North is NO longer where we expect it to be?

There is much speculation, government may decide this is their chance for a total controlled take over those like David Icke and Alex Jones have been talking about.  Their chance for a total controlled take over of US the “lower classes” or any of those hindering their  plans for world domination!

I feel we are heading to the final stages of the battle for our reality.  The reality that has been written in the stars, so very long ago.  I feel much soul-searching is necessary for humanity to reign truly free as we were intended to be.

LOVE is breaking down the Karmic barriers we have long been shackled by, and it is the ONLY thing that will keep us strong from ALL that is to come!  Remember we are truly Spiritual Beings sharing a human experience, we do NOT need to try to be spiritual beings.  We must look inward and reflect on the world in which we would like to live in it.  We must realize color, above ALL, is an illusion.  Fear cannot control us, unless we ourselves allow it.  I tell my children it begins with refraining from doing those things that upset you the most; whatever it is . . . NEVER inflict that kind of trauma on another, if you don’t like to be called names, then by ALL means do not inflict name calling on another soul.  A simple smile can go along way to heal the Human heart.

LOVE and Light in ALL you do!  For a personal cast chart and interpretation at Birth Charts HQ.

ONE Vision for Humanity


There is much discussion on the National ID issue today.  I feel that we as the Human race need to reevaluate our government’s motives behind ALL they do.  I AM asking that EVERYone, think for a moment back to George W.  He took advantage of his political power to our detriment!  I’ve read ALL the conspiracy theories, and the One point that continues to come to mind is as Stephen Colbert would say “truthiness” to it; we are being contained as a race in the FEAR of our own existence.  The ONE THING we ALL must agree on, is that NO politician has ANY of our needs in their heart.  They assume we will remain in ignorance to ALL they have to say and/or do; and won’t stand up for our place in the Light.  We cannot continue to blame the government solely when we continue to follow with Blind obedience.  We can NO longer wait for our fellow Human to fight that fight which is a battle for our humanity, and our existence in this reality.  If reality is what we think it is, than it is time we think in a LOVING and Compassionate manner toward ALL Humanity!  The creator is watching in quiet contemplation on the next plan for our planet;  I know until the day I draw my last breath, I will fight the good fight, without war and hatred in heart.   I believe we can ALL achieve Peace of Heart and Mind if we Unite in Loving harmony.

Egypt, as well as other countries on the planet, are falling in suit to the march against the perverted FEAR risen campaign against our VERY existence (see link below).  I have a unique perception and I know LOVE is the ONLY way to survive, throughout my illness (Chrone’s Disease) I have seen the very Best of humanity; as well as the EXTREME ugliness that greed an absolute power can spawn.  I AM sure that it is LOVE that has kept me alive this long; and feel strongly it will do the same for you.  Peace can NEVER be built upon the bloodshed of other Humans; in-as-much as there is ALWAYS innocent lives taken along with the Evil.  NO innocent bloodshed of ANY kind can be tolerated ANY longer!

I AM making a plea to ALL of Humanity, read ALL you can, ask questions, awaken, keep an open mind, and remember, there is much hidden.  We need to rekindle our Flame and take back our lives . . . subject those in power to the same scrutiny they place us under!  If you think you are fighting for religious reasons, read EVERYthing on that religion and that of your “enemies,” and note the similarities before you scream out in hatred against them.  Political world powers, must stop waging war . . . PERIOD!  Keep your heart Light and LOVE filled ALL the rest of your days, as much as we are the only One who really knows our heart, I AM sure the One Creator knows EXACTLY what you know.  Those who live by FEAR alone, must look to the Heavens, NOT for a way out, but for the LIGHT; and if we open our hearts to ALL, each new day becomes Brighter than One can ever imagine; even brighter than the day before.  LIVE and LOVE in the NOW which begins with the LOVE of Self.

As we have heard more than once; when we point a finger there are three pointing back at us.  So, I AM asking that ANYONE reading this; and ANYONE tired of being afraid ALL the time . . . open your Mind and Heart to another possibility.  One where we live together in Harmony as the Human Race, we NEED to try something NEW.  Repost, Retweet, rewrite (with same LOVE of intent), read, or Reblog this to ANYone who will listen.  Smile the next time someone catches your eye, and LOVE others as if they were your very OWN creation; isn’t that what we ALL are?  We are somebody’s child, mother, father, or sibling; we are ALL responsible in the procreation of Humanity, it is time to treat One another as such.

Here is a letter from my Alchemy instructor on Egypt I promised:

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