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A Word to Humanity with LOVE and Light

Fear....It's just a state of mind on Vimeo

Fear….It’s just a state of mind on Vimeo (Photo credit: Ralph Buckley)

Humanity needs to search inward when judging any other human. Just because we don’t agree, doesn’t mean either You or I are wrong/right.  We CAN differ on politics, religion, and 2012! This is the Beauty of being HUMAN!  The outright hatred, threats, and labeling is doing nothing for the Collective Unconscious, or Your OWN Enlightenment.

I CHOOSE to believe we are ONE, homosexuality is perfectly OK (and should be treated as such, even through marriage), religion-like art-is subjective (know WHOM You are praying, too and do YOUR research!), You can be both pro-life AND pro-choice (killing Doctors. bombing clinics, or bashing of mother’s in crisis, etc IS STILL taking life), and every circumstance may NOT be black and white; keep an Open Mind!

Above ALL, we should LOVE Unconditionally.  EveryONE, everything, and ALL that IS deserves nothing less than feeling Pure LOVE, as WE ourselves would like to be LOVED.

I wish You LOVE and Light on Your Journey, and Peace like no other! JoJo . . . .  Sending Special prayers  and LOVE for those victims of Hurricane Sandy and Winter Storm Athena.

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What Do You Mean the 3rd Dimension Is Going Away?

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Again, I would like to stress how important it is to NOT only practice LOVING thoughts and intentions; but to also recognize that we must recognize our darker thoughts as well.  I AM not saying to act upon them, just to acknowledge and release those energies we encounter.  Everyone currently unsure of how the dimensional changes will affect you the creators of IND5.com have done an excellent job of explaining it for those readers who are just being to awaken to the NEW possibilities of this time.  It is a time of GREAT transmutation throughout the collective unconscious.  We are ALL One.  Every decision and thought affects every other moment in everyONEs’ lives!  I know that seems like a great responsibility; however, we can NO longer wait for some other person or group to fix what runs deep within us ALL.

Keep LOVing and recognize lower vibrational forces and learn to release them into the nothingness.  Release fear, LOVE of self, and LOVE and empathy for ALL others, is the ONLY way to make it through the changes to come.  NO matter what happens, WE the Spiritual Children of the Universe, have an obligation to ourselves and others to expand our minds and consciousness for NEW Beginnings.  LOVE and Light on your Journeys’ wherever they may take you . . . .

What Do You Mean the 3rd Dimension Is Going Away? | in5d.com.

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What We Should Expect From The 2012 Pole Shift


I feel it is again necessary to remind my readers how important changing ourselves from within truly is.  NO matter what is to come, we have to remain calm and remember we are children of LOVE and Light.  Do unto others should be embedded into our psyche.  Begin by turning within and LOVE yourselves, forgive yourselves, and remember it is our own guilt that can be our biggest detriment.  We need to add to the collective unconscious KNOWing we are ALL One . . . race, religion, and culture are still FEAR based ideas to keep us in the lower vibratory realms.  If we remember, it is as simple as that!  LOVE unconditionally to the fullest, and Mother Earth will take care of the rest.

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A Thought On This LIfe~ReBlogged

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There is so much debate on God v. Terrestrial Beings.  This is the way in which I have chosen to view this subject . . . I would much rather believe that there are those taken over by Reptilian EXTRA-dimensional beings; those which care NOTHING for Humanity and ALL their wonder.  Beings that feel they are superior to WE the People, and feel they are above our Humanity.  I CHOOSE to believe HUMANITY is a light born being, incapable of such treacheries on ONE another; without interference of a soulless being.  This applies to politicians, musicians, or anyone else buying into the NEW World Order.  It is time that WE the People of the HUMAN race join forces against the FEAR that has been instilled into us from our earliest years; and move in LOVING Harmony toward the common, and LONG overdue goal of personal Enlightenment and the Peace that comes from within ONE’s Self.

It has taken me many years of personal Transmutation of OLD ideologies to come to this conclusion; and as ALL is continuously changing moment to moment, these IDEAS will grow to meet the changing demands of this continuously changing reality.  This being said, I feel it is possible to reGAIN our Humanity; even after past transgressions on the Collective Unconsciousness; ONLY through complete and UNSELFISH LOVE of ONE another!

Some might argue, that we NEED someone telling us HOW to behave.  I feel this is UNtrue to the Core of our Being.  We know right from wrong, we know HOW to LOVE, and we continue to make excuses for Our BAD behavior as a collective.  We label everyONE and Everything; without much attention to our own shortcomings.  We hide behind our BLIND Faith in those in charge and we are killing ONE another with this BLIND Obedience; whether to our religious “leaders” or the politicians WE elect.

The Pope is NO Voice of God in this material realm; as the GOD most religions boast about, ONE I would choose to follow . . . would be that in which St. Issa spoke of in the missing years.  The SOUL searching years the Bible has omitted.  Yes, the Bible has its stories to tell us; YET MOST of us are unaware that the Bible we read today was AGREED upon by those who think we cannot handle the complete unadulterated TRUTH of the omitted text.  We should ask questions, OPEN our eyes, and find LOVE for those we fear the most, as I AM sure those we FEAR the Most are just as FEARful in their realities.  An OPEN Mind and heart is the way to begin.  Change IS on the horizon . . . and I for ONE have seen the Light, it is my HOPE that many more follow, as it is the ONLY way we will ever TRUly be FREE to live in Harmony in the ALL we call Life.

LOVE and Light to ALL my HUMAN brethren . . . Don NOT let the Fear and Darkness enter into your Hearts and LOVE will lift us to the ONE and the Light.

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