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Global Coherence Initiative-Meditation for Gaza and Her People

Gaza-Israel war casualties

Gaza-Israel war casualties (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Special Care Focus: Israel and Gaza

Hamas controlled Gaza has fired rockets into Israel reaching Tel Aviv and near Jerusalem and Israeli warplanes are striking Gaza. Israel is amassing troops and tanks near the border of Gaza for a potential ground invasion. The new Egyptian Prime Minister met with Hamas officials and the world waits to see how Egypt and Mid-East countries will respond. Leaders across the world have called on Israeli and Palestinian governing bodies to show restraint.

It’s important that we send coherent heart energy to the leaders and people of Gaza and Israel. Visualize a dome of coherent heart energy surrounding the region and radiate peace and care into the dome, desiring the highest best outcome. Let’s remain vigilant in our care and compassion for the suffering that is occurring.

Please join us in the Global Care Room; you can enter the room directly from www.globalcarerooms.org. First time users will need to sign up for access. You can use the e-mail and password that you use for the Global Coherence Initiative website. Then, simply log-in with your e-mail and GCI password, or just enter as a Guest – no signup required.

Thank you for providing energetic care and support.

The GCI Steering Committee and Staff

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The Emerald Tablets of Thoth


The individual chapters in The Emerald Tablet can be found at the link below:

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth | in5d.com | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database.

العربية: Deutsch: Alle Pyramiden von Gizeh auf...

العربية: Deutsch: Alle Pyramiden von Gizeh auf einem Bild. English: All Giza Pyramids in one shot. Русский: Все пирамиды Гизы на изображении. Español: Las Pirámides de Guiza (Egipto). Français : Les Pyramides de Gizeh (Egypte). Català: Les Piràmides de Giza, a Egipte. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many forms of religion and spiritual practices begin with The Emerald Tablet of Thoth.  Many Alchemist’s suggest that we take the first plate and after pondering its meaning for ourselves, we rewrite the cover of the tablet in a way which vibrate to us as an individual.  Since our world is changing quickly these days, I feel it is important to understand HOW and WHY everything REALLY manifests into being; and how WE the Beings of Light play an important part in the transformation of the Universe and planet Earth.  Enjoy the Read, and MUCH LOVE and Light on your Journey . . . .

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Egyptian Revolution Enters New Phase As Thousands Brave Violence to Protest Military Rule


Egyptian Revolution Enters New Phase As Thousands Brave Violence to Protest Military Rule.

The Teachings of Thoth

Retouched versions of this picture from the ge...

Image via Wikipedia

Thoth’s teachings and sometimes exact phrases from the Emerald Tablet, including references to the One Mind, the One Thing, and the correspondences between the Above and the Below, are contained in many Egyptian papyri, such as the Berlin Papyrus (2000 BC), the Papyrus of Ani (1500 BC), the Book of the Dead (1450 BC), and other scrolls dating between 1000 and 300 BC. The wisdom of Thoth, however, was not shared with the common people until the Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep IV rediscovered the Emerald Tablet at the beginning of his reign in 1364 BC. It is stated on several Egyptian stele, dating from around 1500 BC, that without the writings of Thoth, the larger pyramids could not be built, so a great search throughout Egypt was conducted until his writings were found, and it is believed that it was Amenhotep who found them. Shortly afterwards the discovery, the pharaoh suddenly changed his name from Amenhotep (meaning “Amen is Satisfied”) to Akhenaten (meaning “He Who Serves the Aten”). His name change signaled his break with the powerful priests of Amen, a patriarchal god of war and wealth. Akhenaten set up a new monotheistic religion based on the rediscovered writings of Thoth. The new faith recognized the sun as the One Thing, the source of all creative energy. The new Egyptian supreme god, called the Aten or simply “the Disk,” was thought of as an abstract, intelligent energy. Pictures of the Aten show a shining disk with rays coming down from it and terminating on earth in hundreds of tiny hands.

“The Aten is Radiant Energy personified,” wrote Sati Devi in summarizing the views of other modern Egyptologists, “that is to say, an all-pervading reality of an immanent character. Akhenaten deliberately brushed aside the distinction between the god, maker of the solar Disk, and the solar Disk itself, the distinction between creative energy and created matter. The Disk was, like all matter that falls under our senses, but a visible manifestation of something subtler, intangible, everlasting  its essence. And the heat and light, the energy of the sun, was the manifestation of that One Thing of which the visible flaming Disk was yet another manifestation.”

Akhenaten tried to apply the principles in the Emerald Tablet throughout his reign. Known as the heretic pharaoh, he espoused the revolutionary concept of “living in truth” and acting in natural accord with cosmic principles that the tablet called the “Operation of the Sun.” He referred to this universal ideal as Maat, which meant the “real thing” or absolute truth, the original will of the One Mind. The agent of Maat was the One Thing, of which the physical sun, or the solar Disk, was the physical expression. The principle of “living in truth” permeated every level of Egyptian society under Akhenaten. Most noticeable was the sudden change in the stiff and lifeless style that dominated Egyptian art. For the first time, Egyptian reliefs and paintings portrayed natural subjects such as plants and animals in exacting detail. In another striking break with tradition, Akhenaten ordered the abandonment of the old capitol of Thebes and built a new capitol city, Akhetaten (“Horizon of the Aten”). Scandalously, villas in the 60,000-population city were constructed without separate quarters for men and women, and women in particular were treated with more respect there.

After just seventeen years of rule, however, Akhenaten and his beautiful wife Nefertiti disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and it seems likely that the former priests of Amen did away with them. The heretic pharaoh was eventually replaced by his ten-year-old nephew. The boy’s given name, Tutankaten (“Servant of the Aten”), was changed to Tutankamen (“Servant of Amen”) after Akhenaten’s murder. The child pharaoh was tightly controlled by fundamentalist priests, who restored the capitol to Thebes, destroyed the city of Akhetaten, and erased all traces of Akhenaten’s monotheistic philosophy from Egypt. Moses, a prince in Akhenaten’s court exiled with the pharaoh, carried the new monotheistic idea with him to form the basis of Judaism.

Unlike the magnificent golden mummy of King Tut, the bodies of Akhenaten and Nefertiti were never found. Archeologist Sir Alan Gardner surmised that Akhenaten’s body had been “torn to pieces and thrown to the dogs.” The only written references to the Aten after the Akhenaten’s death were enigmatic allusions that associated the Disk with the great Sphinx on the Giza Plain.

The ancient wisdom remained hidden from the people until Alexander the Great was made pharaoh of Egypt in 332 BC. After learning the location of Hermes’ tomb, where the Thothian writings were stored, Alexander immediately headed across the Libyan Desert to an ancient temple at Siwa near where the tomb was located. According to Albertus Magnus and others, that is where Alexander found the Emerald Tablet. Alexander took the tablet and scrolls to Heliopolis, where he placed the scrolls in the sacred archives there. He then personally laid out the boundaries of the city of Alexandria, where a library would be built to house and study the Hermetic texts. Then, he assembled a diverse panel of priests, alchemists, and other scholars to prepare Greek translations. Copies of the tablet became primary documents at Alexandria, and revised Greek translations were issued in 290 BC, 270 BC, and 50 BC.

Alexander actually put the Emerald Tablet on public display in 330 BC, and the mysterious artifact caused quite a stir. One traveler, who had seen it at Heliopolis, wrote: “It is a precious stone, like an emerald, whereon these characters are represented in bas-relief, not engraved. It is esteemed above 2,000 years old. The matter of this emerald had once been in a fluid state like melted glass, and had been cast in a mold, and to this flux the artist had given the hardness of the natural and genuine emerald, by his art.”

After Alexander died from a fever on his return from India, his body was interred in a tomb somewhere in the Egyptian desert, although to this day, no one knows where. The exact whereabouts of the original Emerald Tablet was also unknown after Alexander’s death, although there is some evidence that it was hidden, along with other treasures from Hermes’ tomb, in an underground cavern near Tyana in Cappadocia. Three hundred years later, it was discovered by a Syrian youth named Balinas, who absorbed the tablet’s teachings and once again brought them to light in the Western world. The youth became known as Apollonius of Tyana (after Apollo, Greek god of enlightenment and brother of Hermes). Respected for his great wisdom and magical powers, Apollonius traveled throughout the world and eventually settled in Alexandria to write scores of books on the meaning of the ancient teachings.

Unfortunately, Apollonius was a contemporary of Christ, and early Christians felt he was much too like their own Son of God. By 400 AD, every one of the books Apollonius wrote in Alexandria and nearly 700,000 other scrolls were destroyed in successive burnings of the Alexandrian libraries by the Romans, Christians, and Muslims. Fortunately, the original Emerald Tablet is said to have been moved to somewhere on the Giza plateau for safekeeping, although its exact location is a secret that is lost to the ages.

The earliest surviving translation of the Emerald Tablet is in an Arabic book known as the Book of Balinas the Wise on Causes, written around 650 AD and based on Apollonius’ Alexandrian writings. It also appears in the eighth century Kitab Sirr al Asar, an Arabian book of advice to kings. Another Arabic text, written by alchemist Jabir Hayyan around 800 AD, contains a copy of the Emerald Tablet and also gives Apollonius as the source. It is through these Arabic translations that knowledge of the Emerald Tablet made it to Europe with the Moorish invasion of Spain in 711 AD.

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ONE Vision for Humanity


There is much discussion on the National ID issue today.  I feel that we as the Human race need to reevaluate our government’s motives behind ALL they do.  I AM asking that EVERYone, think for a moment back to George W.  He took advantage of his political power to our detriment!  I’ve read ALL the conspiracy theories, and the One point that continues to come to mind is as Stephen Colbert would say “truthiness” to it; we are being contained as a race in the FEAR of our own existence.  The ONE THING we ALL must agree on, is that NO politician has ANY of our needs in their heart.  They assume we will remain in ignorance to ALL they have to say and/or do; and won’t stand up for our place in the Light.  We cannot continue to blame the government solely when we continue to follow with Blind obedience.  We can NO longer wait for our fellow Human to fight that fight which is a battle for our humanity, and our existence in this reality.  If reality is what we think it is, than it is time we think in a LOVING and Compassionate manner toward ALL Humanity!  The creator is watching in quiet contemplation on the next plan for our planet;  I know until the day I draw my last breath, I will fight the good fight, without war and hatred in heart.   I believe we can ALL achieve Peace of Heart and Mind if we Unite in Loving harmony.

Egypt, as well as other countries on the planet, are falling in suit to the march against the perverted FEAR risen campaign against our VERY existence (see link below).  I have a unique perception and I know LOVE is the ONLY way to survive, throughout my illness (Chrone’s Disease) I have seen the very Best of humanity; as well as the EXTREME ugliness that greed an absolute power can spawn.  I AM sure that it is LOVE that has kept me alive this long; and feel strongly it will do the same for you.  Peace can NEVER be built upon the bloodshed of other Humans; in-as-much as there is ALWAYS innocent lives taken along with the Evil.  NO innocent bloodshed of ANY kind can be tolerated ANY longer!

I AM making a plea to ALL of Humanity, read ALL you can, ask questions, awaken, keep an open mind, and remember, there is much hidden.  We need to rekindle our Flame and take back our lives . . . subject those in power to the same scrutiny they place us under!  If you think you are fighting for religious reasons, read EVERYthing on that religion and that of your “enemies,” and note the similarities before you scream out in hatred against them.  Political world powers, must stop waging war . . . PERIOD!  Keep your heart Light and LOVE filled ALL the rest of your days, as much as we are the only One who really knows our heart, I AM sure the One Creator knows EXACTLY what you know.  Those who live by FEAR alone, must look to the Heavens, NOT for a way out, but for the LIGHT; and if we open our hearts to ALL, each new day becomes Brighter than One can ever imagine; even brighter than the day before.  LIVE and LOVE in the NOW which begins with the LOVE of Self.

As we have heard more than once; when we point a finger there are three pointing back at us.  So, I AM asking that ANYONE reading this; and ANYONE tired of being afraid ALL the time . . . open your Mind and Heart to another possibility.  One where we live together in Harmony as the Human Race, we NEED to try something NEW.  Repost, Retweet, rewrite (with same LOVE of intent), read, or Reblog this to ANYone who will listen.  Smile the next time someone catches your eye, and LOVE others as if they were your very OWN creation; isn’t that what we ALL are?  We are somebody’s child, mother, father, or sibling; we are ALL responsible in the procreation of Humanity, it is time to treat One another as such.

Here is a letter from my Alchemy instructor on Egypt I promised:

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