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The return of the Atlanteans and the Atlantis asteroid in conjunction Uranus?

English: Uranus revolves around the Sun once e...

English: Uranus revolves around the Sun once every 84 Earth years. Its average distance from the Sun is roughly 3 billion km (about 20 AU). http://weelookang.blogspot.com/2011/06/ejs-open-source-kepler-3rd-law-system.html (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Need a translator or knowledge of the French language.  Still VERY worth reading, either way.  LOVE and Light on Your Journey, JoJo


L’astéroide Atlantis en conjonction Uranus et le retour des Atlantes ? ….


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Solar flare may be signal of more active sun storms | MNN – Mother Nature Network

Massive X6.9 class solar flare, August 9, 2011...

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A THRIVE Movie Review

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THRIVE:  What On Earth Will It Take, is a well done documentary on the potentiality of humanity should we decide to work together and THRIVE.  It covers various conspiracies against humanity by the people in power.  Foster Gamble of the Proctor and Gamble family has done well to put his money to good use, for the betterment of humanity.  He even uses his family’s past as an example of what NOT to do with money, and how our structure elite is trying to keep us separated from the unconscious connection we ALL share.

Free energy, an idea we have yet to put into working practice, based on the patterns in Nature stemming with the Torus and Tetrahedrons.  For those readers unfamiliar with this concept, you will notice it is everywhere in Nature.

When energy is released into the Universe, it release it in tiny packets of wholeness or “quantum“.  They are always in the same patterns and use the energy from around them.  It is called the Torus, self contained energy fields around everything and everyone.  It is a primary pattern Nature uses in everything and in ALL scales.  Various crop circles and artwork around the world have this pattern contained within the drawings.

I enjoyed the message and have since shared it with my family.  I don’t want to give too much away, as I would not be able to convey the point of the film in such a clear and concise manner.  It is good for us to spread the word that there is a natural way for ALL of humanity to have enough energy in ALL its forms to live in Peace and Harmony; this movie at the very least can get a NEW conversation going, One necessary for a world in which our children and those whom come after can THRIVE!  LOVE and Light in ALL you do . . .

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Join Our Censorship Protest! Citizen’s Against SOPA and PIPA

Love ? I love love love you.

LOVE and Light

Well, here is another attempt of the Shadow Government trying to stop the awakening of Humanity.  Unfortunately, we have already tipped the scales into the higher vibration.  It is evident that this has forced the 1%, the Secret Societies, the people with money, and the Government to speed up their time tables.  They cannot break us, they cannot take our Spirit any longer, for WE are too numerous to fail.  We are LOVE, Truth, and connected to One another in a way NO politician can break apart.  WE are ONE in the Light and in LOVE.

Spread the word, oppose SOPA and PIPA and ALL the New World Order has to offer us.  They are the deceivers of Truth, Justice, and the Human condition; and they FEAR us MORE than we fear them.  So spread the word, share the truth, and stand strong in knowing that we WILL continue on through our chosen destinies and the Universe will provide for those of us, whom understand the meaning of empathy and Love.  We Live for our Freedom and our Independence.  Follow your heart and remember we are ALL in this together.  What does NOT affect you today, may Tomorrow and we should be prepared for ALL that is to come.

I for One revel in the fact that the NWO will have NO place in the dimensional shift taking place, and ALL that cannot attune themselves with the vibratory frequencies of LOVE and Light for ALL of Humanity (they know who they are), will be sent back to the darkness from which they came . . . NEVER to be heard of again.

LOVE and Light in this Amazing Time, and continue to transmute the negative energies instilled by the dark ones; they have NO where to go but down.

Join Our Censorship Protest!. OPPOSE SOPA and PIPA Today!

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